Wednesday, May 27

My dear B's,

Your mother is in remiss. She has serious procrastination issues.

I gotta apologize to you guys. Someday, years from now, when you are having fits of nostalgia (which I'm sure you will, because you are after all, my children), you will have zero proof of life from December 2008-May 2009. Few pictures (none printed out), few blog posts. I blame the baby!

Every day you each do something new and cute and funny and exciting. There's this new thing, Twitter, and I send short, funny messages there to remind myself of all that you guys do.

Pooter- you just turned FIVE! You are so grown, and still so small. I could write a book (and I plan to!) on you. I've never even heard of a boy so small and so smart. Sometimes you conversate like a 12 year old. You think, you reason, you learn. Every. Single. Day. I am so proud of you, and I am NOT looking forward to sending you off to begin your academic career this fall. I want you to stay home with me for, oh, 5 more years. But, I think we'd make each other crazy, you are so much like me. There are times we curl up in bed or on the couch together to read, and my heart melts, I am so thankful for my firstborn.

Ladybug- you are almost 3, and you think you're almost 13. Everything with you is pink. "I love'a da pink!" I want you to know, I did not instill this pinkness in you. I wanted you to be purple. Your room is purple. Your crib bedding was purple. I put you in purple clothes. You did not wear lace. You were not a frou-frou baby..... But you are a pink, lacey, frou-frou, girlie girl princess if ever one has roamed the earth in plastic high-heels. You are the funniest kid I've ever met. Seriously. You are a comedienne for sure. You are so full of joy, and you bring joy to our family. There are times you put your nose on mine and wiggle with all your might. You make me laugh with my whole heart.

Bunny- my sweet Bunny baby. Every day you surprise me more and more with your personality. You laugh at your sister and Daddy. You smile across your face when you see your brother. Each morning you grin at me from your bed beside mine, and my whole day starts out right. I had a hunch that you'd be my laid-back babe (because, really, after your siblings, didn't I deserve one calm child?), and so far you are. You are becoming so interested in the world, grabbing at everything you can reach, trying so hard to sit up on your own. You've never liked laying in your bouncy seat or in the car seat. You want to be UP, surveying all around you. There are times I hold you, and you just mold into my arms so warm and soft and chubby, like you've always been there.

My B's, you make my life wonderful. You make me laugh, you make me dance, you make me accountable. I love you babies!

Tuesday, May 26

More to come....

seriously- i write blog posts all day in my head, then when the RARE moment comes that I get to actually sit and focus on writing them down.... they've disappeared!

soon, and very soon...

Wednesday, May 13

Pooter on tv...

(be sure you turn the volume up as much as you can!)


We visited the Arkansas Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, instead of Toad Suck'n it up in the rain.

They have a cool (and OLD!) green-screen/camera to simulate a newsroom studio.

B1 did NOT have a teleprompter, and was ad-libbing this whole scene.

I have told Jeremy on numerous occasions that that kid needs to be in commercials or movies. Here is further proof.

Tuesday, May 12

Mother's Day Love

So, my husband always gets me the most perfect presents. Christmas, Valentines, Anniversary, Birthday, Random Day.... he's on it.
And he gets me things I've forgotten I wanted.

During one pregnancy he came home with a pillow. Because I'd been complaining about mine... but would have never thought to buy one.

For the Bunny's birth he got me a flipcam. I'd never even heard of it, but now it goes wherever I go to capture whatever needs to be captured.

Right after Ladybug was born, he bought me a Boppy.

Our first Christmas? A diamond wedding ring.

The man knows me inside and out. He loves surprising me (but hates surprises). He is an excelente' gift giver. Oh... and each gift almost always comes with chocolate!

So this Mother's Day I wasn't expecting much, as we are pretty strapped for cash right now. Saturday night the kids handed me their card; signed by all three. It was sweet, and Bryton wrote "I love you". I cried. He should not be old enough to write anything, let alone a sentence.

Sunday morning Jeremy gave me a kiss and said, "Happy Mother's Day." I told him I couldn't be a mother without him... in so many ways. Then he handed me a card that he picked out and wrote in (I teared up again) and then he gave me my gift:

Yeah that's right: Spacebags!!

For like 2 years, every time I'd pass them in WalMart I comment on how cool/fun it would be to store all our soft STUFF in them. But... I've never bought one.

When I saw the box I just got so tickled, and fell in love with my husband a little more. I didn't expect anything, but got something I'd forgotten I wanted. Jeremy NEVER forgets.

So we tried it. And now, I'm sold. I should do the infomercial.

We packed 3 sets of king-size sheets (plus pillowcases!) into one, and a matress cover & comforter in another!

Now I'm hunting all over the house to see what I can pack into the remaining 3 or 4 bags!

I am so happy to be a Mommy, and so happy with God's choice for my partner in parenting.