Wednesday, May 13

Pooter on tv...

(be sure you turn the volume up as much as you can!)


We visited the Arkansas Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, instead of Toad Suck'n it up in the rain.

They have a cool (and OLD!) green-screen/camera to simulate a newsroom studio.

B1 did NOT have a teleprompter, and was ad-libbing this whole scene.

I have told Jeremy on numerous occasions that that kid needs to be in commercials or movies. Here is further proof.


  1. Ok, so i have you book marked here now.... I think when my life slows down....(after dreaded wedding in Lee's hometown) I am moving on over.

    Happy Tuesday!

    Love Christi

  2. Cute, Cute, Cute blog name! Someone posted about Mozzarella sandwiches and pizza sauce that sounds yumo. I will fo' sho' be trying your Voila. Thanks :)


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