Tuesday, October 13

Winds of Change

I've taken on what I can only assume will be a very laborous task of moving all of my old xanga.com posts (from Feb 2006-Jan 2009!) over to wordpress.com. When I have that done, I'll use blurb.com and (hopefully) make one real live book per year of blogging.


I was a blogger before I knew it was cool to blog. I've been going through that old xanga blog. I started when I was 2 months pregnant with my Ladybug. Three years and two kids later; oh how my life has changed.

I stopped blogging after The Bunny was born, not because I had nothing left to say, but because I had no time in which to say it. Even writing that, I feel like a whiner. "Oh, I'm so busy. Oh, these three kids take up all of my time." I have a mom-friend who is 44 and has ten kids. TEN. KIDS. Her oldest is a few months younger than me. Her youngest is a few months younger than my Bunny. SHE is the busy one, not me.

Recently I've gotten an itch again. The only way to scratch it is to write. My husband oh so lovingly reminded me last night that I've picked up and put down more "hobbies" in our 4 years of marriage than most people do in one adult lifetime.

"Remember that knittting you did for a minute?"
"Yes, I made a darling worm scarf."

"Well, what about the sewing?"
"I made Ladybug a super cute pillowcase dress. And a year before that, I made her a dress out of one of your old shirts."

"And what about your photography business?"
"Well, YOU were the one who wanted it to become a business. I just like taking pictures. And, technically, I've never stopped taking pictures."

And then he hit me (very softly) where it hurt: "What about your book? You started it TWO SUMMERS AGO."

To which I had no answer. Because he was right. The book that lives in my head is fantastic. It may not be Jennifer Weiner, and it is certainly not John Irving, but it is pretty dang good. And I have been writing it for two or three years now- in my head. The trick is finding time (are you whining again!?) to sit down and map it out, give it life, and do it justice.

Honestly, between taking/picking up Pooter from school, playing with Ladybug, cleaning the house, and dealing with a baby Bunny, I don't have that much time to sit down and meditate on the story my heart needs to tell.

But! I want to fix all of the above. I want to be like my friend Anna, and get my bootay in gear. I want a clean, decluttered house. I want clean, decluttered children. I want a clean, decluttered mind. I want to write a clean decluttered book.

And I want to reconnect with my bloggy roots. I am no Dooce, but I'm tippy-toeing back to knock on blog's door.
Here I am!

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  1. Love it! I just love your writing! Love reading posts from you!


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