Friday, March 19

What's one more B to chase?

*this post will be revised and edited and bettered when I have time to think, aka time not spent avoiding packing for our weekend trip.*

So, this week my husband had been up to shenanagins. He was being secretive, and torturing me with his secretness. When he is being secret-y, it can only be good for me. He is the King of Good Secrets. He should have his own (Secret) Castle.

I filled my twitter stream with musings and ponderings and pleas for ideas about what he could be up to:
(read from bottom to top)

Then he left, sent me cryptic text messages, and came back carrying this:

And then I tweeted this:

It. Was. A. Dog.
An 8 week old Heinz 57- a  bona fide precious mutt.

After many name suggestions, inluding but not limited to: Maggie, Saturn (a brilliant proposal from The Boy... you know... Pluto, Mickey Mouse's dog.... Pluto's a planet.... Saturn's a planet... Like I said, brilliant.), and Mousey Dog (from The Girl), Jeremy decided that since all of our original children have B names, the pup should be a B too.
We quickly nixed Bertha.
I loved Bonnie, as in Bonnie Blue Butler, as in Scarlett and Rhett's daughter, until my mother-in-law reminded me that Bonnie Blue fell off a horse and died.
We thought we'd settled on Betsy, but we have a friend named Betsy, and were afraid she might've been offended if we named our dog after her.

So... evenutally... we introduced Miss Beatrice Magnolia B. to the world.

The kids (and I, despite my protesting) fell in love with her immediately.

(No photo of Beatrice and The Baby because the puppy may or may not be terrified of The Baby.)

She even got a pretty pink collar. Jeremy said he had to restrain himself from buying the one with "Princess" on it.

So, we have a dog.
She spent the first two nights quiet as a mouse, sleeping in "her room" aka, the place where my laundry piles up, and last night she yipped and yapped every hour.
She is a smart, sweet, docile little thing. She's peed on her puppy pad several times, and poooooped outside once (and only messed my already-messy carpet once).

We are leaving my Bees and one little Bea in my mother's care this weekend while Jeremy and I head to Memphis.
Next week I'll work on potty and sleep training.

She really IS just like another baby!



  1. Life as we know it will never be the same!!!

    I bet the kids are in heaven!

  2. What a cutie!!! Love that name!

  3. Such a cutie! We love our pups so much!

  4. What a cutie!!! Love that name!


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