Friday, April 9

a teaser

There's a blog post that's been rolling around in my head for more than two weeks. I've started writing it three times. I can't force the words to come out that aren't ready to come out.

For now... this is it.

These are my days.

Brilliant flashes of prose sneak in between loads of laundry. Ideas for books come while I'm waiting in the pick-up line at school. The woman I want to be someday peeks out from behind the tired eyes of the one I am now.

Diapers and dishes and doling out kisses are my priorites.

For now.


1 comment:

  1. I get those brilliant flashes of prose when I am driving. DRIVING?! Why can't it be when I am in front of a computer or a notebook? Of course, when I get to a place where I can write, it has vanished into nothingness.

    You have something to offer, Savannah. The woman you are NOW has something to offer...don't be discouraged in the middle of laundry and pick up lines, for even there, God is using you.


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