Saturday, May 8

Happy Mother's Day to you

Happy Mother’s Day

To every mother.
To every grandmother who raises her grandchildren.
To every single mother who is mother and father.
To every woman who has lost her mother.
To every woman who has lost a child.
To every adoptive mother.
To every mother who has given her child a mother through adoption.
To every mother-to-be.
To every will-be-a-mother-someday.
To every woman who will not be a mother, but who mothers those around her so well.
To every aunt, to every best friend who plays aunt.
To every nurse, cook, chauffer, teacher, preacher, nurturer and snuggler.
Happy Mother’s Day to you.

Every woman has had mothers, and every woman has been a mother. What makes a mother is not going through labor. What makes a mother is not changing a record number of diapers. What makes a mother is being a person who loves another, selflessly and fully.

A mother is someone who brings you food when you are sick. A mother is someone who calls just to say, “Have a good day.” A mother will tell you when that outfit is not ok, when that haircut needs to be rethought. A mother will sneak the snacks into the movie theater. A mother will hold you when a boy (or a man) breaks your heart. A mother knows what to say, and when to say nothing. A mother has your back, but will not be afraid to give you a swift kick on your backside.

I have been mothered by so many women, and I have had the privilege of mothering many others.

For each one, I am incredibly thankful. For each one, I have been blessed.

Happy Mother’s Day to you.


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