Monday, May 31

I've had it

...with diapers.
When Pooter was small, any diaper would do. We settled on Luvs because they were cheap, and he never leaked out of them.
Then along came my Ladybug, whose skin was so sensitive, she required top-shelf diapering, and we used Pampers Swaddlers and then their Cruisers exclusively. We loved them so much that when the Bunny was born, they were the only diaper we ever put on her bum.
But then.
Pampers changed their Cruisers to some god-awful new Dry-Max stuff without any warning. About two months before the big online debacle over chemical burns on booties, I told my hubs that the Cruisers were different and I did. not. want.
I, who by my third child am very slow to freak out, took the Bunny to the doctor for what I could have sworn was a UTI, but turned out to be Big Bad Diaper Rash. From the Cruisers.
So we switched. We bought Huggies Pure and Naturals and while I love that they are made with fewer dyes and chemicals, we seem to blow through so many in one day.
I have a few friends who are die-hard cloth diapering Mamas. My friend Gen has always been pro-cloth and has never pressured me into trying them, but has always been open with advice and answers for me.

Just this weekend my husband suggested we switch to cloth diapers for our littlest Bee. I suspect his suggestion was more monetary-minded (it's almost a no-brainer to see how much $$ cloth saves over disposables), but he also knows how I have been so upset about the change in our diapering routine. As odd as it sounds, I've really gotten stressed out over the poo-holders.

So today I'm doing a little research. I have a few brands in mind.

blueberry diapers

...and a few others. The lingo of the cloth diapering community is over my head right now, but with proper coaching, I think I can manage.

I may have a little review/giveaway bloggy thing up my sleeve... so stay tuned!

Do you use cloth diapers?
What brands/kinds do you prefer?


PS, Dear FTC or FCC or ATF or FAA or whomever monitors such, I am not endorsed or sponsored by any brand, and have not recieved any products or services... yet.

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  1. So much to say... :)

    We currently have Rumparooz, Fuzzi Bunz, and Bumgenius. We had G diapers when B was tiny and we use Blueberry covers when we use prefolds.

    I love the double gussets on Rumparooz for containing poo. We've never had any issues with our Bumgenuis and I like them more now that we've converted them to snap (I HATE velcro). We just tried a Fuzzibunz and once I figured out how to resize the elastic, I love it as well.

    Most cloth diapering families I know, love specific brands because of the way they fit a specific child. I really like the one size diapers because they make it easier to customize the fit. My B has very skinny legs and no butt, so even though by height/weight he should be in a large, our Rumparooz are snapped down a size smaller than our Bumgenius.

    If you can find a cloth diaper store (or want to make a road trip to IL), see if you can try them on over a disposable to get a better idea about fit.

    An in an effort to not take over your comments, I'll go write a post with other thoughts.


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