Friday, June 4

House Party!

No, not this one:

This one:

I friggin' love it.

A friend of mine signed up, and then yanked me up onto the bandwagon.
The premise of the site is very basic: fill out a questionaire and when a product suits your family/job/tastes, they'll send you an application. Fill out the application and if you get accepted, they send you a bunch of awesome stuff, and you have a party. (You invite a bunch of friends, give them the free product, coupons, bonus items. You are encouraged but not required to blog/tweet/facebook about the stuff.)

My first houseparty party was for some kind of bread. I got coupons to buy the bread, and coupons to give other folks, but the coolest thing was that I got 15 eco-friendly reusable grocery bags to give out.


Did I mention the whole shebang is free? Like, they don't even ask for a credit card number, free. Like, you don't pay for shipping, free.

I've applied to host other parties, but got a big REJECTED notice. I was really hoping to host a HASBRO game night. We love our family games.

I wanted to host a DiGiorno's pizza party a few months ago, but got denied on that one too. But, and this is so cool, just this week I got a mailer with a $4 coupon as a "consolation prize" because I didn't get to host that party. Tonight I bought a DiGiorno's pizza for $0.98 because it was on sale and I had a big fat coupon!

The most recent party I hosted was a McDonald's and Shrek the Fourth McNugget party. (I even posted some pictures of kids and nuggs!)
We got a completely insane amount of swag for that party.
Shrek invitations cups, napkins, and paper plates from Hallmark
A Shrek movie poster (which, admittedly, went into the circular file)
16 Shrek character watches
15 Happy Meal toys
Shrek the Third on dvd
a cd w/party music
boxes for the kids' meals
tickets with special online codes
15 coupons for free Minute Maid juice box
15 coupons for free ice cream
a friggin' $75 Arch Card to buy a bazillion nuggets
and 2 Shrek collectible glasses

yep. Those glasses. The cadmium-tainted, non-toxic-but-just-in-case-we're-recalling-them glasses. 

What I found so awesome (besides the $75 gift card!) was that mere hours after I first heard about the recall (via twitter, natch), I got an email from and McDonalds.

For those who received the glassware as part of the Party Pack, please dispose of the glassware as you deem appropriate. As a token of our appreciation for your understanding and this inconvenience, we will be sending all McDonald’s McNuggets and Shrek Forever After House Party hosts a $10 McDonald’s Arch Card. Hosts should receive them in the next 2-3 weeks. For those of you who purchased additional glassware at our restaurants, please visit beginning early next week for instructions on returning glassware and requesting a refund.

How cool is that?
Yes, McDonald's is a fast-food joint, one that we hit up less than once a week, one that is not as healthy a place as they'd like to think they are, but I thought it was fantastic of this company to do a preemptive recall, and to let us know about it almost immediately.

So anyway, back to the free.

It's free. And it's fun. And they didn't pay me to write this post (except in awesome swag. Did I mention the swag?), I'm just really impressed with the platform they're using to get new/improved/rebranded products to the consumer in a neat way.

Also, I kind of love filling out surveys or forms or bubbling in letters. (Have I told you I outscored my valedictorian BFFs on the ACT because I'm a killer test taker?)

Try it out, yo. Host some fun of your own.



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