Friday, June 11

I'll be there for you...

.cause you're there for me too.
(lyrics from the Friends theme song.)

I love my friends. My life is a Venn diagram of Important People. Actually, my life looks more like the Olympics symbol, overlapping and full of Amazing Important People.

Each ring symbolizes different "circles" I run in. My church friends, my school friends, my life-long friends, my Twitter/bloggy friends, my family friends, even my acquaintance friends. They are all so important to me.

I love my friends, and I like to give presents to my friends. I would deliver or send presents annonymously, but I like for people to know who loves them.

My very best friend lives just six miles away, but I can't remember the last time I've seen her beautiful face. Sometimes I like to leave a small present at her front door- a smell good lotion, a pair of soft socks, some Reese's peanut butter cups she won't buy for herself. (Once, on a hot summer day I filled up a small cooler with ice so the Reese's wouldn't melt. I'm smart like that.)

I have a friend who, when she bravely went away to college by herself, I sent her a few boxes of happiness filled with smell good candles, brownie mix and pedicure paraphernalia.

During the (very brief) time my husband and I were dating and living an hour and a half away from each other, I sent him cards- store bought, home made, glittery, simple- all kinds of cards so that he knew I was thinking of him.

When one of my Twitter-friends was sick this spring, I sent her a small box of pretties for her and some fun things for her little boy.

Eons ago, when we would take family vacations together, I drove my parents crazy buying souveniers for my friends. I had very detailed lists of which friends I wanted to buy gifts for, and what they most needed and what I desperately wanted to give them. (Because every good friend brought back sea shell picture frames, dolphin t-shirts, braided sea-kelp bracelets and Mason jars full of sand for her pals.)

All this to say, I love giving gifts. It may be one of my spiritual, well,  gifts.

I am not good with giving my time, I am not good about returning calls, I am not even good at doling out advice (but oh, how I try sometimes), but I pride myself in knowing my friends, and showing them that somebody gets them, and that somebody loves them.

My friends support me in so many ways. My friends are forgiving, funny, and fiercely loyal. I will never be able to repay many the wonderful people in my life, but I will never stop trying.

So if you recieve some small token, some odd knick-knack, some random item from me someday, please know it is my way of saying,
"I love you. Thanks for loving me, too."



  1. I totally get it! I do the same, but with food. I don't think Brad fully gets it though, sometimes he will say, 'just pick up a dessert.' or 'You don't have to make that from scratch.' Yes, yes I do. That's how I show people I care.
    Keep it up. I know getting stuff like that means a lot to me, and I know giving means a lot to me too.

  2. as a recipient of a SavB gift, I know that I loved it and I appreciate it and you. It's good to make people happy and you do it well.


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