Monday, June 7

last day / first day

Friday was The Boy's last day of kindergarten.

(Thursday was the Kindergarten Awards and musical program. My Boy got an award for Best Reader. He also played a solo on the rhythm sticks. No mother has ever been more proud of such feats of genius.)(Also, that's his BFF Shelby with him. She won a PE award and Most Helpful. They're Future Leaders of America, for sure.)(Also, I did not dress him. The heavy knit vest was of his own accord. I did, however, remove it from his person after the awards ceremony.)

This was The Boy on his first day of school:

And here, on the last day:

His first year of school has been full of ups and downs and smiles and tears... and germs.
Among the many microbes he brought home were strep throat, H1N1, mono and about a dozen mystery fevers. It became somewhat of a running joke on facebook when I'd post a status that he was sick. Again.

So it is fitting that today, on our his first day of sweet freedom, he is sick.

Fever, swollen lymph nodes, general malaise.

Happy summer, y'all.


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