Wednesday, June 9

maybe tomorrow

So, remember that enigmatic (though totally not on purpose) blog post a few days ago? Here's one of the Really Cool Things:

I'm going to do my first ever bloggy giveaway with Thirsties diapers! They are an incredible cloth diapering company, doing incredibly green things, and creating jobs and materials here in the good ol' U S of A.

I recieved one of their Duo Diapers for my Bunny to try and for me to review, and I get to give away one too!

Except, not today.

Today I have sick kids.

  • The Boy has a confirmed case of strep, a mean fever, and a nasty strep-rash (have YOU ever heard of strep rash? Scarlatina. Scarlet fever/strep rash. I had never heard of such.)

  • I got notice from my mother-in-law (who was keeping the girls while I was at the doctor with The Boy) that The Girl was running a fever too. By the time I got all of the kids home, she was inconsolable, her fever had spiked at 102.6 and she puked on the bathroom floor.

  • The Baby, who was fine this morning after knocking the back of her precious skull on metal bleachers last night, also has a fever and is refusing to be out of my arms.
No fun blogging today. Just a pitiful bunch of Bees.

While you wait for the giveaway contest with bated breath, go check out  They have a wide selection of cloth diapers and diaper covers. You can even order diaper laundry supplies, too.

Or, request a catalog (I got mine in the mail a few days before the diaper arrived, and it is beautiful and informative!)

*disclaimer* I reread this post, and it seems awfully pitchy. Here's how it happened: I contacted a few cloth diaper manufacturers with a query for diapers. We're making the switch from sucky Pampers to cloth, and I wanted to try out different brands before we spent a big chunk of cash. I (amaturely) asked for 1 diaper to try and review, and 1 to giveaway. I had several no thanks, it's against policy, we're too big, we get too many requests, we're too small, we're flat out uninterested --type responses.
But I got two surprisingly enthusiastic responses, and one was from Thirsties. They agreed to send me a diaper to review on the blog, and they agreed to ship another diaper for the contest winner. I haven't used the diaper yet for The Baby, but everything I've learned about the company so far makes me love them, what they do for parents, what they do for babies, and what they do for the earth.
If I don't like the results of the diaper try-out, I'll post such. If I love it, I'll post that, too. They didn't send me a PR/Marketing email, I contacted them. Thirsties is a small-but-growing company, and they've been professional and wonderful thus far.

I'm not doing a giveaway in order to grow my blog readers. My goal for blogging is not to have MORE but to have BETTER. Not more posts, but better ones. Not more "fans" but better friends. And, I like giving my friends presents.
So, if you have a kid in diapers, if you know a kid in diapers, or if you might have a kid that might wear diapers someday, come on back around in a few days. You might already be a winner. :)


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