Thursday, June 24

Things I Love Thursday: All they wanna do is dance

Some days,
there is nothing left,
but to dance.

*please ignore the threadbare carpet
and the beach towel covering the window
and the patio table umbrella in the corner
and the fact that The Baby is only wearing a diaper
and The Girl's mismatched did-it-herself outfit
and the laundry basket on the floor
and the toys that are surely suffering Shaken Babydoll Syndrome

But. The girls sure can let it all out. Even my niece got in on the action, though she's not normally a mover and/or shaker.
And my Ladybug knows how to end with a flourish.

Their jam is "Do You Believe in Love" by NewWorldSon

Some days, you just have to dance it out.



  1. CUTE! I love the Grey's line at the end too!!! :)

  2. Awwwww........ I miss the Beeeeesssss!



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