Thursday, July 1

Ladybug's brand new 'do!!

She wanted me to wrap up her "long hairs" just like I do mine.

They were all so excited for her haircut day!
(See the superawesome Toad Suck Daze t-shirts? They were supergenerously provided by the supercool folks at, who do a supergreat job of supporting businesses in our supertown!)

She's ready for the snip!

 April the fabulous, at The Jordan Bailey Group
(Fun fact about April- the first time she did my hair I was about 13 months pregnant with The Girl. Almost 4 years later, she's cutting my baby's hair!)

She was so still the whole time. She didn't fuss once, she never whined. She was born for a beauty salon.

When the scissors came out, she needed a little support from Daddy.

Checking it out for the first time!

And today we'll mail off her goldilocks, and within a few weeks we'll get a confirmation note saying that she has done a Good Thing.



  1. I cried a bit! So proud of her!


  2. Very sweet of her to do that for locks of love! Not sure my 4 year old would part with anything he "owns", much less his hair to anyone!!!


  3. We're thinking of doing the same with our almost-4-year-old. She has curly hair though, so not sure what this humidity would do to it if it was short! Ladybug looks gorgeous with her new do.

    Congrats on being featured in Little Rock Family. I have never been on your blog before, but I'm going to start paying attention!

    Also thought you might be interested in linking up with the Arkansas Women Bloggers group. We're always looking for guest posts if you're interested!


  4. She looks ADORABLE!!!! What a sweetie!!!

  5. What a precious little girl and how great that she is donating her hair to such a great cause! I'm a friend of Fawn's and saw your blog name on her 'instead of the dishes' blog and linked to it. Your children are darling!
    Lucy Thompson


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