Wednesday, July 14

Word-less Wednesday: Farmers Market Fun

Yesterday morning I peeked out the window and found a bright, sunny day waiting for me. After about an hour and wrangling the Bees, we were all ready to head out for a full day o' fun. As we opened the garage door, we were greeted with a very pleasant... rain.
Being the brave and fearless Bees we are, no drizzle could deter us from our two goals: food and excitement.

Our first stop of the day was downtown Toad Suck, at our local Farmers Market.
Last year, around this time, the Farmers Market consisted of three folding card tables with a few varieties of veggies. This year the market has grown into a new location and around 10 tents of local agri-heroes selling their wares.

We came home loaded down with goodies: two kinds (three pounds!) of tomatoes, blueberry jam, fresh-off-the-tree apples, and a watermelon that weighed more than The Baby.

Rain? What rain?



  1. Thanks for the comment, we're linked! :)

    Your book is coming soon, I promise! It slipped my mind but I'm ordering it today!


  2. Lovely, lovely pix. There's just something wholesome and basic about visiting the Farmer's Market. C


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