Wednesday, August 11

bloggy beautiful

Last Saturday night the lines between blogworld and IRL became a little more fuzzy, a bit more distorted.
Kyran (friend, blogger, author, hostess extraordinaire) invited me to attend a ladies-only, burgers and booze and bloggy party: CheeseburgHer. It was an off-shoot shindig from the main one held in NYC: BlogHer '10.

A couple dozen bloggirls gathered at the top floor of a snazzy Little Rock tower to talk, to share, to encourage, to laugh, and to eat McDonald's burgers together.

Some of the women I already knew. Some I was eagerly looking forward to meeting. Some I'd never met before- online or otherwise- and my life got that much better after the introduction.

Because I'm still a baby blogger (and a little bit of a dope), I can't figure out how to get a picture from flickr to here. But, you should see the pictures. Beautiful women in beautiful attire, wearing beautiful bags on their heads. Audreya has great pics on her flickr stream. Kyran has some good McPics on hers as well. Kerri managed to steal some of Kyran's, but for the life of me I can't get it right. There is the cutest picture of my friend Sarah up on her blog, too.

Where are the pictures THIS wannabe photog took, you ask? Well. I cleared my CF card. I charged my battery. I managed to grab my camera before I flew out the door. So what's the hang-up? I realized half-way to the Rock that my battery was STILL CHARGING! So, I have one shady BlackBerry picture of the back of Natalie's head while Amy blew out the candles on her sparkle-tastrophy, superawesome cupcake concoction.

It was an amazing night. I got to hang out with incredible women. I stepped out of my own bubble and was greatly rewarded. There is such a neat community of central Arkansas bloggers (women, and men! Try this guy, and also this one to start you out), and it seems to be growing and changing all the time.
We were about as diverse a group as one could ever hope for. Business bloggers, "mommybloggers" (I'm really starting to hate that term), lifestyle bloggers..... Women who blog about shoes, garlic sauce, iPhones, law, puppies, books, clothes, kids, husbands.... Women who have found, or are still trying to find, a place for themselves on the world wide interwebz, and who all happen to live in the same state.

It was a beautiful thing. There were no awkward tensions, there were lots of screams. Some bloggals were anxious at first, but from what I could tell (I hope), we all settled into introductions and conversations.

I stayed up LATE. I mean, past midnight. I spent good QT with a few of my favorite new ladies, and one I've known practically since diapers.

It was late. There was humidity. We still had fun.

Did I mention we were on the roof? The ROOF of a gorgeous condo building in the middle of downtown Little Rock on a hot summer night.
Also, did I mention I had a glass of Middle Sister wine? I don't even LIKE wine, but given the company and the name, how could I not have one?
And, did I mention we got delicious smelling Arkansas-based Bath Junkie swag?

The best part of it all (aside from the staying up late with my friends bit) was that when I woke up the next morning, I had a list of lovely ladies and their blog links.

Here, for your clicking pleasure, is that list:

Kyran of Notes to Self

Katie of (NOT) Coming to a Uterus Near You

Heather of

Cathy of Arkie Mama

Melanie of Arkansas Employment Law

Michelle of Tales From a Panama-mama

Stephanie of Evolved Mommy

LaTonya of 40s Reasons To Live, Love, & Laugh Out Loud

Susan of Rants from an Old Trout

Melissa of Gerbera Daisy Diaries

Sarah of The Adventures of Ernie Bufflo

Susan of My Sliver of Life

Brooke of Parenting from Scratch

Cynthia and Vicki of Stick Horse Cowgirls

Alison of Chino House

Kat of Team Hills

Hilary of Rock the Shops

Kerri of Damn You Little Rock

Amy of The Bee Dot

Pamela of A Thinking Woman
Audreyaof If You Ask Me

Natalie of The Juggling Act

Jennifer of Little Rock Family

Lindsay of Little Rock Family

Kelcie of The Huffsticklers

Some of the ones who missed out but are equally as awsome:



Liz of Mabel’s House



Monika of Little Rock Moms Like Me

JoBeth of

Lora of La Mia Vita

Kat of Tie Dye Travels

Jerusalem of

Sarabeth of

Fawn Rechkemmer of Instead of the Dishes

Rebecca Buerkle of Cooking Up a Mess

And you know what, that's only a PARTIAL list of all the fantastic blogs in Arkansas. For a few more, check out Arkansas Women Bloggers. I know there must be more than two men in Arkansas who have great blogs... but, um... they don't party like the ladies do. :)



  1. It was a fabulous time!! I'm so glad we were able to go.

    On my flickr photos, you should be able to right click and save them to your computer. If not, let me know and I can email them to you.

  2. Great post. I'm still on a CheeseburgHer high! Ready for the next one.

  3. Practically since diapers indeed! I'mma hafta scour my mom's photo albums the next time I go home and see if I can find any evidence of our little girl shenanigans.

  4. So sad I missed! I love you people.

  5. Great post. I'm still on a CheeseburgHer high! Ready for the next one.


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