Monday, August 30

Do. Fun. Stuff.

As a concerned mom and a conscientious member of the human race, I try to teach my children to do good stuff, and I try to show them how to do fun stuff.

Pacing the Panic Room is one of my favorite blogs. I can't remember how I found it, but Ryan and his family (and his words, photos and videos) have captured my heart. He has a short guy in his life named Littlest Buddy who has a rare genetic disorder. Ryan wanted to do a good thing, so he created an album, with 100% of the proceeds going to research and case studies to try and learn more about LB's disorder. Ryan also likes to do fun stuff, so the album is chock-full of supposedly kid songs, though I might love the music a smidge more than my children do.

There are hundreds, thousands, of causes that are more than worthy of your time, attention, and money. You won't find me pimping many causes here on the blog. (Except, of course, my most beloved Heifer International and Habitat for Humanity. But those are other posts.)
But, I'm pimping supporting this cause today.

Please, take time to read about LB and Ryan and their supercute family, take time to check out the album, Do Fun Stuff, Vol.1 on iTunes, and if you're so inclined, blog, tweet, or write on someone's facebook wall about the Littlest Buddy and the very cool album.

Because it's not enough just to do good stuff. You have to do fun stuff, too.

Also? There's a song called Ladybug. And the album was released on my Ladybug's birthday. I'm just sayin'.


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