Monday, August 23


Four years ago yesterday, the barometric pressure dropped and nine women went into labor almost simultaneously. I wasn't one of them.
Having previously been through a 54 hour labor at six days overdue, I was not keen on doing it again. My ob/gyn is a big fan of inducing labor, and we'd planned to meet my new baby girl on August 22nd. As is the case almost 100% of the time, God laughed at my plan, and told me to wait. Be patient. Enjoy the last day. Sleep to the sounds of a late summer rainstorm.
My doc told me to call and check the next morning to see if we could try again.

On Wednesday, August 23, 2006 I was the only woman in town still waiting to deliver. A few short hours after the first dose of pitocin, a quick while after that blessed needle in the back, my Ladybug arrived... right on schedule.

A few months ago, a catalog featuring birthday party supplies came in the mail. My Ladybug thought it was for her, when really, I think it was sent in time for her brother's May birthday. In any case, she thumbed through, looking for a perfect theme.
Me: "Ooh, look! Fancy Nancy!"
She: "I like her, but I do not love her."
Me: mumbling "That's shocking."
She: "What?"
Me: "Nothing. Oh, hey, here's ladybug stuff."
She: "I will find another thing to have."
Me: "Hello Kitty?"
She: "It is not my favorite."
moments later...
Me: "Whaaa?"

And then she didn't stop talking about A PINK PIRATE PRINCESS PARTY for months. MONTHS.

She had a pink pirate princess party. More emphasis on the pirate than the princess (until she started opening gifts, at least.)

My fabulous friend Audreya's superhero alter ego is Awesome Cake Maker Lady. Being a writer, you'd think she'd have a better character name, but it's nothing if not descriptive.
So, I called Audreya, gave her a scant amount of details "The Girl. Four. Cake. Pink Pirate. GO!" and she nailed it. The cake was probably Ladybug's favorite part of the party.
I had to restrain her from hugging it. For reals.

It was a good party. One suiting even the pinkest Pink Pirate Princess in the land.

Oh yeah, you can't really tell in the pictures, but she's wearing a pink tutu over black skull-emblazoned leg warmers.

My girl? She rocks. Hard.



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  1. I've given some thought to my alter-ego name. How about The Buttercream Ninja? No? Um, Confectionery Wizard?

    And your girl? She does rock. Hard.


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