Friday, August 13

Going Barefoot!

I don't push it very much on the blog (though maybe I should), but I sell awesome products from Barefoot Books, an independent book publisher and cool toy carrier.

I'm not a good salesperson. I can't push people into something they don't want. I couldn't sell something if I didn't believe in it. But I absolutely love the Barefoot Books company and their wares.
All of their books are non-licenced (read: no Dora, no Elmo, no Mickey Mouse), original works. Barefoot supports a multi-cultural worldview, which means the kids featured in the books I read to my children aren't all pale-faced and blonde-haired mirrors of themselves. And I like it that way.
They also sell cool hand puppets, Putumayo music, as well as neat puzzles and activity how-to cards (yoga! gardening! kid chefs!).

Anyway, I adore Barefoot Books. I'm beyond excited because I'm going to have a booth during this year's Little Rock Family Education Expo at Arkansas Museum of Discovery!

Details about the Education Expo will come soon, but for now, there's a giveaway of sorts over at my Barefoot Books store.

Every order made between now and September 11th will be entered to win one free book! That's up to a $24.99 value! For free!

Just click on the link at the bottom of this post, or the permanent one at the right of the page, and start browsing.
*make sure to order from this link or the one at right, otherwise I won't know who wins the free book!

Beware: you'll fall in love with nearly everything Barefoot Books has to offer!!


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