Sunday, August 15

homeschoolpalooza 2010 kickoff

We officially began homeschool last week, though, unofficially we've been homeschooling since the day each of our children were born.
I am working on a post that (sorta) answers the biggest and most frequent question we are asked: Why?
But for now, we have started, and we are loving it. Granted, we're five days in... check in with me again around the 100th day.

To kick off our school year, we did a Big Fun Project. I love doing BFPs with my kids. I've done them for years. We've planted gardens, we've painted walls, we've built things.
This BFP might be one of the best so far.

I got the idea from my most favorite pre-literacy/early learning blog, The Write Start. She wrote a post about Alpha Rocks, and I knew we had to do it. When she blogged again about Spelling in the Grass, I was on my way to the store. Cheap, easy, entertaining, educational... all things I adore.

So we gathered the materials from Hobby Lobby:

3 lb. bag of white river rocks: $2.99
3 lb. bag of dark river rocks: $2.99
Rub-On alphabet letters: $2.99
Mini-grill on clearance from $19.99: $4.00
(ok, so I didn't have to buy the grill, but The Boy's been wanting to cook like his daddy does... and it was so stinkin' cute and perfect! And on sale!)

After a brief explanation, we set up shop at the kitchen table. We even got The Baby in on the action.

That girl was so happy to have a few rocks and her nesting cups. She played for over 20 minutes without a sound, except for a few pleased giggles.

It soon became clear that The Boy was better at rubbing the letters onto the rocks, and The Girl was great at mashing the letters down once they were on.

The Baby kept on at her hard work, too.

Eventually, we were done. We now have a whopping six pounds of Alpha Rocks to use for all kinds of activities.

The Boy can create entire sentences. The Girl can spell out her name and line up the alphabet. We can sort by color, size, and letter . We can count rocks, we can measure how long each word is.

We can leave messages for each other.

We can reference our blog.

I'm sure we can also peg each other in the head with our favorite letters, but luckily that hasn't happened yet.

And now... let the homeschoolpalooza 2010 begin!



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