Monday, August 2

On Becoming Bloggerwise

This evening I got to spend a few precious pre-baby's bedtime minutes with my dear real life (and blogging buddy) friend Heather. She has been blogging longer than I have and is, in general, a better blogger. 

We talked for a while about what it means to be a good blogger. Is it content alone, providing information to a specific demographic? Is it cute pictures of your kids/pets/next door neighbors? Is it posting food recipes and restaurant reviews? Is it just a navel gazing time suck?

She, bless her heart, tried to convince me that I am indeed a Good Blogger. She, sweet soul that she is, claimed that she loves my writing and doesn't mind when I talk about poops. She, precious angel, must be a little off her rocker.

I countered that the best blogs, and the authors of such, are the ones that have a distinctive voice. In this day in the digital age, there is a blog meme for almost any topic, career, life choice, hobby, and taste. Some of my favorites are written by authors I enjoy/admire, friends who have a self-deprecating side, women who write nonsense until it makes perfect sense, tips for pre-literacy projects (seriously, she is a goldmine of ideas for teaching young minds through play), practical ways to practice your faith, a little bit of snark and a whole lot of funny, and one featuring stick people.

You know. Just a few of my favorite blogs.

But, each of them focuses one main theme. (Except maybe Kerri's and Audreya's. You never know with those two.) My uncertainty with my own blogging style is that I don't have a style.
Sometimes I write about my awesome husband who buys me things, sometimes about our grand plans to grow things or to make our life a little more prairie-ish, and sometimes I write about my kid getting a haircut.

I suppose my "theme" is nothing more than a window into my little world. I don't have aspirations of becoming a nationally known blogger. I don't want someone to make a movie out of my bloglife (ok, maybe that wouldn't be totally uncool), I don't want to become obsessed with the wildly fluctuating hit/subscriber/commenter numbers.

I just want a place to record (woefully un-often) my thoughts, my rants, my cute babies' faces. I guess I could keep a journal and make scrapbooks....

but who would comment on them?

So, what makes a blog worth reading? Why do you give a blog an honored spot on your Google Reader list? And what superawesome blogs am I not reading yet?



  1. Aww, thanks for the mention!! I concur you are a good blogger. Why? Because I read about Bee poop. In other words, if you can write things that I continue to read and enjoy despite the fact that I can't always relate, then that says something. With the exception of a few crafty / decor blogs, most blogs I read meet that description. And also, I read your blog because I think you're wonderful in real life!!

    I found many of the blogs I enjoy the same way - asking people who read my blog for recommendations. I added a Linky to the post so they could share the URLs. Maybe you can go back and add one here or to a future post?

  2. I don't have a theme. I think I'm interested in and passionate about too many things to just have a faith blog or a food blog or a political blog or a feminist blog. I guess the thing is: what do YOU want out of your blog? Why do you feel the urge to put things out into the universe? Do that.

    My cute answer for why I blog is "My husband got tired of my monologues." And the truth is, I did start blogging at his urging. But I blog to formulate what I really think about things. And I blog to share about my experiments in the kitchen. And I blog to advocate for things I care about. And I blog to capture moments. And I blog to make myself write regularly. And I blog to connect with people. And none of that makes for a particularly coherent or marketable blog, but it's very me.

    I'm so weary of the super branded narrowly focused PR-pitch-perfect blogs. I don't want giveaways and polls. I just want a window into someone's world.

  3. I sometimes struggle with this very thing. I don't have a 'theme' as you put it. And since I don't have kids, I can't even lump myself into the 'mommy blogger' category which so many seem to fall as of late. I write about cakes, but that's just a portion of me. And the work we do on our house and occasionally just a bunch of crap. Because that's what's in my head.
    Do I want gobs of readers? Well, sure. Technically, I am a writer by trade so I would like to think people enjoy what I have to say. But usually it's just a good place to straighten out a few thoughts in my head.

  4. I am NOT a better blogger than you!!! :) And I really don't think I have a "theme" either. Unless the theme is "Here is my life." ha! Or maybe "This is my day!" :)
    I love blogs that I can relate to, that make me laugh, that encourage me and make me smile. Yours is all that and more, my friend!
    It was great to get to visit last night!


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