Friday, September 17

birthday happies, part deux

When I announced that I was celebrating not only my birthday, but my birthweek and even my birthmonth this year, people were skeptical. My own sister-in-law couldn't believe I would be festive during the entire month of September.
To that I say... why not?

My son dominates May. August is reserved for The Girl. November is Jeremy's. December belongs to The Bunny... and Jesus. But September is mine all mine.

  • The first week of the ninth month was especially fun for me, because I got to hang out with some fabulous ladies and sip some tasty spumante and talk books (among other things).
  • Last Sunday I hung out at the Little Rock Family Education Expo, selling my Barefoot Books wares and generally having myself a grand ol' time. Technically it was work, but I had fun doing it.
  • We had an impromptu pre-birthday dinner on Tuesday night. I ate chocolate cheesecake. It was delish.
  • I spent my whole (actual)birthday at home with my kids, and then with my hubby, and nothing could have been better.

My birthweek is drawing to a close, but that doesn't mean the end of the fun.
  • Today my rockin' cousins-in-law are in town from NOLA and we're going to lunch.
  • On Sunday I will be doing something very exciting (and kind of scary) and will be blogging about it later.
  • Next Thursday my super awesome really funny friend Audreya and I are going to carb load (and giggle too loudly) at the new Panera.

One of the best parts of celebrating all week (and month) instead of just one day is that the presents keep coming!
I cannot describe how much  I adore getting mail. Good mail. Not campaign fliers, not bills, not junk catalogs (ok, I really like those too), but real mail. Cards, boxes, notes, manila envelopes full of goodies.

Manila envelopes full of goodies? Why, I received one of those this very day!
In case you can't see everything.... there are more pics. Of course there are.

This was the card that came in the package. I'm kind of in love with this card.
 It is perfect for me, it is perfect for the sender.

found online here
Best. beverage. napkin. ever. I just need a beverage to complement it.
And really, who among us has her cape clean and pressed and hung nicely in the phone booth?
Nobody, that's who(m?).

And then there was a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser. Which only served to increase the awesome.

That post I wrote just two days ago about being known?
This is it. This is having a friend who knows exactly what will make you guffaw out loud. This is having a friend who sends her Christmas cards out on December 1st (there. are. rules.), but who sends your birthday gift the day of. This is a friend you've known for one year and one month, but one who knows you pretty darn well.

Thank you, friend.



  1. So glad you liked your care pkg. I was thinking about that lunch. I only wore eyeliner on one eye. That's the kind of awesome you've let into your life. Happy Birthday friend!

  2. Happy birth-month! I love the idea. (Too bad my birthday's in Dec...)


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