Wednesday, September 15

birthday happiness

If you follow me on the twitters, or check in at the blog to read the updates over there on the right, you'll know that I was a bit... irritated... last night at work. My tweets were such that my friend Kerri was prompted to issue a warning:

After the initial irritation was over (someone I work with makes a habit of getting under my skin, and last night's conversation was different in that it actually made me angry, instead of just annoying me) I called Kerri, only to hear her laughing about my ruffled feathers.

After we hung up, I sent out a tweet along the lines of "Everyone needs a designated call-to-gripe friend. I just made Kerri mine." (If Kerri had not answered, or if I still needed to release some rage, Amy B. Hole would have been next on my list of Whom to Call When You Need to Scream)

I love having friends who don't mind, who actually enjoy, being the ones I turn to in a moment of madness. I love that they laugh when I do get all riled up, because they know how roll-with-the-punches I usually am.
It reminded me of one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite John Mayer songs:
"...then, the circle of your friends will defend the silver lining..."

In any case, I had a rough night at the ol' diner. I managed to get off work early enough to meet my husband and children and mother-in-law at Stoby's for supper.
My sweet MiL gave me a gift card to one of my favorite restaurants, and a bonus promise to babysit one night so Jeremy and I could go on a real date. Like a real couple!
The Girl was itching to give me my birthday card, though her daddy kept telling her to wait. Finally he relented and I opened the funniest card, signed my all of my chirrens. Jeremy's gift to me was an exorbitant amount of cash with very specific instructions to spend it all on myself: "Don't buy the kids any more clothes, dangit!"
Earlier yesterday my Best Friend Since 9th Grade drove all the way up from Maumelle to surprise me with a box of Maggie's cookies... the smiley face ones, natch. In a world full of new and shiny, it was so good to sit and chat with someone who's known me since braces.
When I checked the mail yesterday, I found a box from my momma. She sent me one practical gift and one purely fun gift. She has this great tradition of giving want/need presents each birthday.

More than the actual gifts themselves, I was once again reminded how much my people love me, and how well they know me.

Being known is a gift in itself.

I think one of the things that bothers me most about the people I work with at the ol' diner is that they don't know me. (Admittedly, this is also one of my favorite things- that way they stay outta my bidness.) They don't know how much I cherish books and what a high value I put on education. They don't know that I adore pregnant woman and newborns and new parents. They don't know about my dreadful Dr. Pepper addiction. They don't know that I'm a wannabe writer and an amateur photographer. The don't know the losses and the joys I've been through. They don't know my history and they don't know my hopes.

But. My family does. My friends do. I don't know if I am too transparent or if the people I surround myself with are just super-intuitive, but most of the people closest to me know me inside and out.

As for my husband... Early on in my marriage, I joke to my mother that I'd never be able to lie to him, because he sees straight through me. It's the same reason I have failed miserably to surprise him with birthday parties and Christmas presents- he knows me so well, he knows my ideas before they come to me.

It is a blessing to be known. Sometimes when I feel lost or discouraged, a friend will surprise me with a sweet text message. Or I'll find some funny tweet directed at me. Or I'll come home after a long night to find this, wrapped and waiting for me on my birthday eve:

Because my husband? He knows me. And that is the best birthday present ever.



  1. Being known is truly a gift. I am so glad to know you, even in this funny internet way. Glad you had a good birthday, friend!

  2. It is a privilege to know you and call you my friend.


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