Friday, September 3

Extreme (baby) Sports

So. September is here. Typically, September is my favorite month. (Ok, it ties with December. I'm a sucker for Christmas.) September is my birthmonth. Yes, I celebrate all 30 days. September also marks our second anniversary. Yes, we got married twice. We love each other that much.

In any case, September 2010 is shaping up to kick. my. butt.

The very first day was full of Big Moments and Milestones in my mommyhood. (The Boy had a Milestone of his own, but that'll be another post, soon.)

Big Moment Number One:
At twenty months, one week and six days, The Baby, my very last baby ever, climbed out of her crib for the first time. I was cleaning in the kitchen and all of a sudden I hear the most delighted baby shriek as The Bunny ran down the hall, "OUTTA BED! DA BED! OUTTA DA BED!"
Oh, but was she pleased with herself. I could hardly stand to send her back, she was so full of pride at her accomplishment.
Of course, being a good helicopter parent, I had to document the occasion. Plus, I just wanted to know how in the world she'd managed to climb out. My girl, she is chubby. Her legs, they are stubby. Her crib mattress sits on the lowest setting, and has been that way since she could stand.
So, I grabbed my trusty Flip and recreated the scene of the crime.

And, that word she's saying, right before "I hold it"? It is "candy." Because I had to bribe her to climb out again. With Pez. I know, I've been shortlisted for Mother of the Year.

So basically, what this video shows is that THE WHOLE THING IS MY FAULT. Her new found independence and agility? Totally on my hands. Because I left a chair in the perfect position to be a step-stool. Geez. Who does that?

There was no way she was going back in the crib after that escapade. She was high on power. She literally ran through the house, screaming at the top of her lungs.  So, I just let her play in the play/school room with us for a while.

I stepped out to do some (perpetual) laundry, and I heard her shrieks turn from glee to terror. "Need help! Doooown!"

She scaled the three-drawer chest and was perched on top. Once she saw me, she got all excited again, knowing her rescue was imminent. She was so pleased with her wild-childness, she forgot about how scared she'd been when she couldn't get down.

Not even a full hour later, I heard the HELP ME cry again. This time she was in the sleeping room, at the top of the bunk bed ladder, stuck again. She could go up, but she couldn't go back down.
I had to get a picture using my BlackBerry, because heaven forbid if I'd gone to grab the camera and she'd taken a flying leap off of that ladder.

The Bunny is a daredevil. Evel Knievel, Junior. She is Kitty O'Neil, she is Amelia Earhart, she is Angelina Jolie's stunt double.

She's going to break something some day. I just hope it's not her face.



  1. I hope she doesn't break her face. But if, God forbid, she does, Dr. Jon will take good care of her at the Children's ER!

  2. I just scared the people in my house b/c i laughed so loud at this video! ANd the fact that you gave her a pez to do it again! HAHAHAHA! LOVE IT!!!



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