Tuesday, September 21

seventy six trombones in the big parade

...with a hundred and ten cousins close at hand.

In 2007 we began a family tradition. Each year at the fall county fair parade, we line up the cousins (our kids, and Jeremy's two sisters' kids) on a long strong tree limb close to the parade route.


My little Ladybug was there, but she was 13 months old and not yet a tree climber. Pooter is the one with the curly hair and the cheesy grin.


There is my Ladybug, clinging to a branch for dear life. The Bunny was there too, um, in my belly. Also in another belly; another cousin.


This was the year Pooter had mono. Or, H1N1, or bronchitis, or strep. I don't remember. He had all of those things that fall.
Also pictured: a few second cousins and one friend.

And finally, the gang's all here.

Mostly. The second cousins still live in town, but parked somewhere else this year. Notably absent from all fair parade pictures is my oldest nephew. He is my sister's stepson, though we never use that word in our family. He's just another awesome cousin. We'll get him on tree limb photo day one of these years.

I'm so glad I have this series to document not only the kids' growth, but the expansion of our family. I'm sure there will be a few more babes added before they're all grown.

And yes, I'll be the crazy mom/aunt who makes them straddle a tree when they're all teenagers.

Someday they'll thank me for it.




  1. These are cute! And they BETTER do the same pose as teens. ;)

  2. In 10 years, we'll see their picture on Awkward Family Photos.


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