Sunday, September 5

small victories

The post I had originally written (in my head, along with 57 others) was about the Big Exciting Thing that happened to my Pooter. It was about all the child- and motherhood-milestones we've hit this week. But the more I thought about it, it morphed into a different post altogether.

Small victories.

In the span of my 6-year motherhood, there have been mishaps and miracles. I take the small victories when I can.

The Boy's Big Exciting Thing: He discovered he has not one, but two loose teeth. (Non parents, feel free to groan and reach for the little red X button now.)

So? Every kid who ever grows teeth will eventually lose them and grow some more. It is not new, it is not miraculous, but it is new and miraculous to us. The Boy was agonized during his entire kindergarten year- all of his friends and some of his cousins were losing teeth like crazy, and he had not a wiggle to show.

This week his two bottom front teeth are all kinds of wobbly, and he couldn't be prouder. I'm excited for him too, I know how much he's wanted to show off a big snaggle-toothed grill. But then, there's this part of me that mourns the not-so-eventual loss of the perfect baby face he's had for six years. He is one step closer to manhood (oh yes, I know exactly how melodramatic I sound), one step further away from me. Le sigh.

What was I saying? Oh yes, small victories.

Well, he's made it this far without cracking any teeth on the marble floor of a bank. (This happened to my brother when he was three. It was horrifying, and his two front teeth turned grey. Luckily, his adult teeth -post braces- are perfect.)

He's made it this far without a single cavity.

He's made it this far without diving off the back porch and landing on his incisors.

See? Small victories.

If there is a day in which he eats more than three vegetables? Small victory.
A day in which he brushes his teeth of his own accord? Small victory.
A day in which I manage to capture his true smile, instead of the forced get-outta-my-face one? Well, that's a pretty big victory.


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