Wednesday, November 10

Cheap and Easy*

*That title reflects the craft, not the crafter

The hubs informed me last week that this will be our Craftiest Christmas Yet. In our mutual Christmases past, we've relied heavily on credit cards and we've gone all out to buy happies for the people we love. Well. This year we don't have a credit card. Not a one. But we still have people we love. And we still want to make them happy.

So... Craftiest Christmas Yet.

(Oh, um, if you think you might be on our gift list this year, stop reading now. Don't want to spoil the possible presentry.)

Long ago, my BFF crafted me a really great present. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (right? right.), I decided to try to replicate her gift. But not for her, for someone else. Giving it to her would just be tacky.

clear glass dinner plate (though any color would do): $1.50 at the Wal-Mart store
clear glass small bowl that matches clear glass dinner plate: $1.00 at the Wal-Mart store
colored glass beads/rocks that have been sitting around my house for ages waiting to be a part of a craft: Free. (but I think they were once $3.00 at the Wal-Mart store)
hot glue gun
glue sticks

Step one:
Glue a bunch of the glass rocks around the edge of the dinner plate. Make some attempt at a pattern. Sorta fail. Or not, whatever.

(also in step one: find your nice DSLR camera.
don't use the crappy BlackBerry camera)

Step two:
Turn plate upside down, glue also-upside down bowl onto center of upside down plate.
(also in step two: take a picture. and maybe: write better directions)

Step three:
Glue some rocks in haphazard-but-darlin' way about the glued on bowl.

Step four:
Um. That's kinda it.

It took all of $2.50 (or $5.50 if you're buying the rocks), and all of 6 minutes to complete. Voila! A lovely and hand-crafted pie plate for someone you love. Or, for someone you tolerate.

It's actually pretty cute, and can be customized in all sorts of ways.

So. There. I got a head start on Christmas, and I crafted. Just don't anybody tell the Psycho Crafter, ok?


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  1. I saw someone do a similar type project (OK, it was a cake plate and that's about all the similarity) but they used old candle sticks. I kind of liked it.


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