Wednesday, December 8


And the winner... of her very own buzzing bees... is... BECCA! She left a sweet comment on my Thanksgiving post and I have a feeling her brother will so SUPER PLEASED if he gets a stocking full of stingers. :)

The Baby's got jokes.
We're all about the jokes around the hive these days. Puns, riddles, fancy wordplay, we love it all. The Boy is killer at knock-knock jokes. He's got great timing. The Bunny Baby's timing is not so great. I mean, she's a natural ham, but at 23.5 months of age, she's not so awesome at her delivery.

Her favorite joke is the one that's all "Knock-knock" "Who's there?" "Orange" "Orange who?" "Knock-knock." You know the rest. Except, The Bunny never gets to the rest. There is never. any. banana. She orange/knock-knocks her way into oblivion. At some point her daddy and I will finally double over in laughter and then she just beams with pride.

The Boy has two Best Ever jokes. One of them involves a fish running into a concrete wall. The other one was especially funny when I was still nursing. Both of the jokes come directly from his daddy... and that should tell you plenty.
"What kind of bees produce milk?" "I don't know, Guy Smiley, what kind?" "BOO! Ha! Get it? BOO-BEES?!" It's funnier coming from a 6 year-old boy than from a 32 year-old man, trust me.

(Guy Smiley)
So the Bunny has her jokes mixed up. And also she talks to herself sometimes. Today when I heard her talking to herself (or possibly to one of her stuffed animals), I snuck up to the doorframe and peeked into her room.
This is what I heard:
Who's there?
Who's knock?
Ha, ha! Knock-knock!
Whose boobies?

She went on for a solid three minutes.

My baby. She's like George Carlin, only less drunk and dirty.


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