Monday, December 13

BFP: Candy Cane Dip

Remember: BFP is my Big Fun Project tag, of which, we've only done like, one.

My friend Sunshine has a delicious-looking cooking blog, aptly titled Make Life Delicious. Last week she wrote a post about Candy Cane Dip. (In fact, she has a whole section devoted to Christmas recipes. I think the Bees and I are going to do the Hot Chocolate Dippers next!)

I saw the link that Sunshine tweeted and thought, "Hmm that's interesting." I'm not a huge fan of candy canes, just because I'm not a huge fan of pepperminty things. (I think it's leftover trauma from my first pregnancy when I tried any and every homeopathic nausea remedy before begging my doctor for non-puke drugs. What were we talking about? Oh yeah.)
Then I saw her post at Arkansas Women Bloggers and again thought, "Hmmm." And then I thought, "The Bees and I need something to do today. Let's wreck the kitchen."

Let the BFP begin!

The ingredients are simple. The prep is minimal. The payoff is huge.
I asked Sunshine if I could post her recipe here, and like the gracious pretty lady she is, she obliged.

Sunshine's Candy Cane Dip:
(Sunshine's instructions in bold, my notations in italics)

1/2 Cup crushed peppermint candy canes I didn't know what a half-cup would be, so we obliterated three candy canes in the food processor. It was loud. And fun.
12 oz. Cool Whip, thawed I assume 12 oz is one delicious tub, but we made a small batch for our trial run, so we used about a third of the tub. (I just asked The Boy what one-third of twelve is and he told me it was four. One more confirmation that I'm actually teaching him things. Hooray, homeschool! What were we talking about? Oh yeah.) So, 4 ounces. Sorta.
Wafer Cookies I know Sun was trying to be generic, but really, there are NO wafer cookies other than 'Nilla Wafers. None. So, use the 'Nillas. (No one at 'Nilla headquarters paid me to do that, but if they wanted to, I'd say it again. 'Nilla.)

Fold crushed peppermint into whipped topping (the easiest and fastest way to crush is by using a food processor…Warning-it is rather loud!) (See!? I said it was loud!). Cover and refrigerate overnight. Oh, shoot. I totally read over that "refrigerate overnight" part. We dug in the very moment we got done folding. Whooops! Before serving, stir dip to distribute the peppermint bits. Serve with wafers. 'Nillas.

Do you SEE how easy that is? The Bees and I broke the candy canes, tossed them into the food processor, donned our science lab goggles (no, we didn't. note to self: buy science lab goggles), then took turns mixing the candy cane crumbs in with the Cool Whip.
Big. Fun. Project. (That You Can Eat.)

And truly, so delicious. It's not very minty at all, just sweet (without being tooo sweet) with a hint of pepperminty-ness.

Most importantly, the judges' reactions:
yes, The Baby's mostly naked.
yes, The Boy is wearing mismatched jammies.
yes, The Girl picked out her own clothes this morning.

They loved it. They gobbled it, in fact.

Easy + Yummy = Win.
Thank you, Sunshine!


  1. Actually, that is the most collectively dressed I've seen the Bees!

    I used to think there were no wafers but 'Nilla wafers. Then my MIL got me hooked on another kind. Can I remember their name? Of course not. But they come in a bag and I saw them under the bananas at Walmart the other day. I'm so detailed and helpful, I know!

    I'm coming to realize I MUST try this dip.

  2. i bet your husband never even knew you made something in the kitchen today...(really need to invent sarcasm font)

  3. Mainly I just want to snack on the Baby's belly rolls. I could just eat her up, she's so cute!

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