Sunday, December 12

a little help here?

So. Blogging. It's awesome. We love it.

But then sometimes we don't. I caught the dreaded Blog Flu a week or so ago. Turns out I shared the germies with my friend Audreya, who then came down with it. And wrote about it (see: above link. Seriously, see it. It's good.)

It's a blog gang sign. How awesome is that?
I found it via google images from

I am planning on might be making some changes around this hive. For the better. Hopefully.

In the meantime, I'd like to ask all both of you who read this blog for some help on a couple issues:

1) Tell me some of your favorite blogs (and their links). Why you like 'em. What makes them work for your tastes.
2) Tell me why you do or don't comment on those lovely blogs.
3) Tell me why you blog.
4) Wire some money into my Nigerian bank account.

Ok, no, you don't have to do number four. My bank account is here in Arkansas. No wiring necessary.

Really though, I want to fully kick the Blog Flu's bottom and get on over it. I want to build a digital idea board of what I'd like my blog to be. I need new inspiration. A new palette of words, more pleasing to myself and my both of you readers.

And then I'll be back and ready to become the Next Top Blogger, or the next American Blogidol, or the next Real HouseBlogger, or possibly just your next favorite blog.

I like the last possibility the best.



  1. Since my answers to a lot of these questions were in my post - I'll try not to duplicate too much. Except to say that I focus my commenting efforts on blogs where the author actually tries to respond / interact with readers. Not every comment needs a reply, but if I see even a few replies from the author here and there, I feel like s/he really is reading and appreciating the comments. Or if I see where they have visited my site or left me a comment in the past - just helps feel connected.

    Which brings me to my next point - switch to Disqus comments. Stat. Even if you never reply to comments, it's a better format. My comments have gone up since I switched. I think it's just more user-friendly. And, if you do decide to reply, you can do it from your phone without accessing Blogger or the Disqus site. I find that handy.

    As for what I read... a lot of them are local bloggers that you also read. A few others I think you might like are Kirsten Writes , Lets have a cocktail , Locusts and Wild Honey , Domestically Challenged

  2. I have Blog Flu and need a Bloggy makeover...
    Some of my faves...11th Heaven's Homemaking Heaven, (because she has 11 kids and is still sane) Mama's Losin' It (because she has 3 and feels nuts sometimes, like me.) The Green Phonebooth and Crunchy Chicken (environmental moms) and many more I am sure. I comment because I don't blog from my phone. :)

  3. Did my big, long comment not show up? If it showed up and you deleted it, totally fine. If Blogger ate it, I'm seriously unhappy. :-)

  4. I'm trying to expand the list of blogs I follow. I easily get overwhelmed in trying to find new ones, but referals are great.

    I mean to comment more. I really do. To answer comments on my own, and to give feedback. My problem is I often go through my 'reader' while waiting at a take-away or while I'm on hold etc. I think Great ones, but rarely post them.

    I started blogging because my best friend and my brother both said cooking was hard. I wanted to chronicle my own misadventures as a way of encouraging. I also like to put things out to the internet void.

  5. I love to read blogs that are written by friends, or by funny or insightful people, or that have really great pictures and writing. Or some combination of all of that.

    I find that no matter how much I like someone and/or want to get to know them, I can't read them for long if they can't write well. Or at least decently.

    I love to read you because you do know how to write, and how to be funny and honest and insightful. And because you remind me a bit of me, running around with my three in tow (sigh-back in the day)...

    Um, commenting - sometimes I forget that if I don't actually type it in, you don't know I thought it. :) I probably comment less rather than more. I tend to comment if I feel like I can answer a question (like now) or because something someone said resonated with me.

    I blog because I love to write, I love to have the space to say what I want to say - because I like having a record, because I want to make someone else laugh or sigh or cry. Because I want other people to read what I have to say. All of those reasons, but different ones at different times.

    Yeah - so that helps... :)

  6. Did my big, long comment not show up? If it showed up and you deleted it, totally fine. If Blogger ate it, I'm seriously unhappy. :-)


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