Monday, January 31

Bloggers' Night Out!

My sweet friend Kelcie recently asked me to do a "Bloggers' Night Out" for her and some of her friends who are new to the blogosphere.

I was delighted, and terrified, to have been asked. I am still learning the ropes myself. But I was down for the challenge. Plus, I take any opportunity I can for a fun night with the girls!

I worked up a little presentation then spent a few hours learning how to work

So, tonight's the night! I hope they learn something, and that I don't scar them for (blogging)life.



  1. You'll do great! And in 6 months, tell them I'll do a follow up session on Blog Flu symptoms and recovery! :-)

  2. We're so excited to see what you worked up! I know it will be fantastic. No pressure! :-)

  3. We are so excited about blog night!!! (Yes I am one that will be attending) I have blogged for a while now and I am anxious about learning something new!!! Safe travels getting here and you will do great!!!

    Sara Bell

  4. From what I could tell from the Twitter convo, everyone loved you and had a blast!


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