Wednesday, January 5

Husband Hump Day

Now, before you go thinking this is one of those kinds of blogs (really, are there those kinds of blogs out there? nevermind. don't answer), rest assured this is a just a new feature here at chasing my Bees. Somehow, I managed to sweet-talk my husband into his first guest post ever! Fingers-crossed, every first Wednesday of the month from now on will be a new post from JB. Stay tuned, because there is no telling what he'll come up with.

On a side note- Southern Girl Academy is live today with our first lesson. Scoot on over there after you leave cmB!

Without further interruption, we bring you:

Husband Hump Day

con•nect•ed (k -n k t d)
-Joined or fastened together.
-Related by family.
-Associated with or related to others, especially to influential or important people.

If you think about it, the world would be a lonely place without connections. They can be as simple as connecting to the internet, or as complex as being connected on Capitol Hill. Without the mass network of people we connect to in a lifetime, we would just float through life on clouds of hope and sorrow. Think back on a time when you needed a helping hand, and a friend or connection (I say connection, because not everyone is a friend) came to the rescue. Without that help you would have been between the proverbial rock and hard place. True, we can be self-sufficient but in the ever-changing age of politics and technology, what’s a little helping hand in a time of need?

Right now you are connected to the internet, a vast wealth of knowledge and endless entertainment. Start typing any letter and instantly get results; that is high-speed connection. Try that anywhere else and the results aren’t quite the same. It takes some people years of establishing relationships, “rubbing elbows” and “pounding the pavement” to get well connected. One can even be married into or related to the connected individual. You can be either the connector or the connect-ee, but the benefits are seemingly endless.

Hailing from a small town I have seen, used, and been utilized on said connections. I am most proud that I have been of use as a connection. This is the rewarding one. It means that you have something, know someone who has something, or know someone who knows someone who has something (it can get complicated quickly). I have been able to help people with my limited knowledge of things (I don’t know a lot about any one thing, but I know a little about a lot of things). I have been able to help people out in times of need. I have been in a position to ask someone for help on behalf of the person needing aid. Without the connections in life, it would be a lonely existence.

We long to be connected. I say “we” as a general rule. Humans need to be loved and needed. The worst feeling is not being needed, that you are so worthless if you were gone no one would even notice. Just ask George Bailey if you disagree. I am not a psychologist or even claim to be intelligent in the ways of the world, but I do know what makes me tick. Being connected to others, and providing help to others still, is what makes my world go round.

So, to all of you who have helped us or we have had the chance to help, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Never miss an opportunity to help someone connect because you may never know how valuable that connection is.

Jeremy B is a former marine and current father of three, which means his head 'bout near explodes regularly on account of the mess in his house. He enjoys working in the yard, making and fixing things, and spending time with his outrageously gorgeous wife. He also forgot to write his own bio. So someone else had to.


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