Friday, January 28

Little Rock Family- They gave me a whole page!

I've been writing the Community page for Little Rock Family magazine for a few months, and I absolutely love the job. I have been able to connect with our town in a way I hadn't done in the almost-six years that I've lived here.

For February's edition I interviewed a dear sweet friend of mine and her husband. Heather (who is a dedicated blogger over at Life at Sonic Speed) and Todd allowed me to write about their struggle with secondary infertility. I was so honored they agreed to the interview.
Their daughter, Avery Kate, is very special to me... I prayed for her parents for months while they tried to get pregnant, then I prayed for AK the whole time she was a'cookin. I may or may not have dissolved into a puddle of tears the first time I got to hold her.

Family Chatter is online, too!

I'm also really excited because I got to write this month's Family Chatter- the backpage personal essay column in Little Rock Family. Hannah Alexander is the illustrator (and, truthfully? one of the main reasons I wanted to do the Family Chatter piece), and she consistently knocks it out of the park with her artwork.

You can pick up a copy of Little Rock Family at newsstands all over central Arkansas or check out the web version here.
Oh! Don't forget to become a fan of Little Rock Family on facebook, and follow the fun on twitter at @LRFamily. They're always doing great giveaways and are a fantastic idea resource for local family fun.



  1. Little Rock Family is lucky to have you!

  2. Hello friend. I know this is older, but I just found it googling "THE LITTLE ROCK FAMILY CHATTER PAGE" because I'm trying to write one and I just have to say that yours is PERFECT!! The perfect combination of charming + sweet + funny! You clever girl, you! Keep writing, k? XOXO


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