Saturday, January 1

New (better) Year, New (better) List

Happy 2011, everybody!

I spent the last couple of days of 2010 laid up in bed, battling a major fever. Fun, yes? In any case, it afforded me lots of nap time time to reflect on the last year, and time to ponder the new one.

So I rehashed. I edited the original Life List (because, really, is it my dream-above-all-dreams to meet Snoop Dogg?) to be more streamlined. Not necessarily more realistic (a dream is a dream is a dream), but more attainable, more workable.

I want to spend 2011 working toward goals, instead of just working. I want to use my time to better myself, better serve my family, better entertain my friends, and better know the Lord.

Did I just give myself a buzzword? Is better my key word for this new year?

I kind of like it.
It is not seeking perfection, it is not "best."
It merely seeks to step up. Step up my game, step up my happy.
Better is contentment where I am, while constantly trying to make the world around me, well, better.

This will be the year of working towards better. This will be the year I start crossing the immediate things off my list, and dedicate myself to the long-term goals (um, #41, anyone?).

2010 was a really good year. 2011 will be better.

  1. Capture my husband's true smile in a photograph
  2. Spend a week at Disney world with my family
  3. Spend a week in NYC with my husband
  4. Spend a week in Montreat, NC by myself
  5. Spend a week road tripping to east Tennessee with my brother
  6. Start writing a novel
  7. Finish writing a novel-- I'll do it this year, I swear!
  8. Publish a novel
  9. Publish a children’s book
  10. Own a ridiculous pair of stilettos
  11. Bet on George Strait’s racehorse
  12. Tour a secret part of the Smithsonian
  13. Read 100 books aloud to my kids-- We're working on it. List to come.
  14. Read 100 classic novels
  15. Watch all of AFI’s top 100 movies
  16. Dance at a Dave Matthews concert
  17. Help build 50 Habitat for Humanity houses
  18. Buy an Ark from Heifer International-- I started with some bees.
  19. Coach my best friend through labor and delivery
  20. Graduate from college
  21. Watch my children graduate from college
  22. Tour the Holy Land
  23. Convince my brother to record an album
  24. Adopt a child
  25. Work for CASA
  26. Trace my family’s genealogy as far back as possible
  27. Drink a pint in a pub. In Ireland.
  28. Drink a cappuccino in a café. In Paris.
  29. Drink a bottle of wine in a piazza. In Tuscany.
  30. Drink a shot of tequila on a beach. In Mexico.
  31. Walk across Abbey Road
  32. Handwrite a long thank you note to my mother
  33. Buy my husband a just-for-fun Jeep
  34. Pay a disgusting amount of money for an original piece of artwork
  35. Convince a woman to rethink abortion
  36. Make regular mission trips to Guatemala and Nicaragua
  37. Build a house in the country
  38. Give away a car
  39. Donate a thousand books to a rural school library
  40. Memorize an e.e. cummings poem
  41. Renew my wedding vows on our 25th anniversary, and then again on our 50th
  42. Bake a perfect batch of my grandmother’s cookies
  43. Grow enough vegetables to feed my family for a summer
  44. Be able to speak fluent sign language
  45. Join a book club
  46. Learn to fight well, without fighting dirty
  47. Fight for someone who can’t fight on their own
  48. Laugh inappropriately loud at the most inappropriate time
  49. Watch every Friends episode in order-- Season one, in the books!
  50. Karaoke “Summer Lovin’” with my husband
  51. Anonymously pay for someone’s drive-thru coffee
  52. Dance in the rain without an umbrella
  53. Whisper a secret to my daughters right before their daddy gives them away
  54. Wear a funny hat at the Kentucky Derby
  55. Attend a conference on my own-- April 2011!
  56. Read every word of the Bible- with help
  57. Stand where Jimi stood at Woodstock
  58. Initiate a no-holds-barred food fight
  59. Write a check, buy a home for someone I love
  60. Gallop a horse on the beach
  61. Make dinner from scratch for my family for seven consecutive nights
  62. Stumble into a really good concert in Austin That's a whole 'nother blog post!
  63. Wear one fabulous red dress, with confidence
  64. Wear fabulous red lipstick, with confidence
  65. Learn to be myself, with confidence
  66. Launch  a new blog with my friends
  67. Add one to-do each time I cross one off

Y'all see number 66 up there? It'l be crossed off by this time next week!!

Happy 2011, friends!

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