Wednesday, January 19

Southern Girl Academy

What started as a joke among friends ("You've never seen Steel Magnolias? You've never tailgated at Ol' Miss? You've never had a mint julep and watched the Kentucky Derby? You don't know how to make cornbread? You need an education!") has turned into a real, live months-in-the-making blog.

My beautiful friend Kerri and I, along with a whole host of other fabulous and equally pretty ladies, have teamed up to give the world some proper learnin' about what it means to be a good Southern Girl.

Every Wednesday a new Academy board member will be announced and her lesson will post. You never know who might show up, or what we'll teach you next. The Academy opened its doors two weeks ago and, after the initial Orientation, we've had classes on Football and Food (both of which might just rival religion in terms of importance to Southern Girls).

This week it's my turn. My post is all about how sweetly Southern talk falls on the ear.

The Southern Girl Academy aims to be a fun new blog that will teach natives and Northerners alike how to be a proper lady. Menfolk might even learn a thing or two, too.

You can also follow along with all the fun on the twitters @SoGirlAcademy, and if you like us on Facebook, we'll like you right back, darlin'.


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  1. I rather enjoyed today's post but I have to say, I'm probably not a true Southerner as I detest that y-a-l-l word.


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