Friday, February 18

My Funny Bunny

The Boy is the studious, serious one.
The Girl is the dramatic, sensitive one.
The Baby is, without a doubt, the funny one.

It is so easy to ascribe different aspects of Jeremy's and my personality to each of the kids.
The Boy is meticulous and introspective like Jeremy is, but he's also a bookworm and somewhat absent-minded. Just like his momma.
The Girl has her daddy's flash-in-a-pan temper, and my flair for hyperbole.
The Baby, though, she is harder to pin down. At two years old, she has already established much of Her Own Self. She is the undisputed boss around here.
I've joked to friends that we were learning how to be parents with B1, we were pretty good parents with B2, and with B3 we are total crap- giving in to her whims because a) she's so darn cute and b) she's so darn loud. We acquiesce just so we don't have to listen to her tortured wail. It's pathetic.                                      

But, oh, she is funny. A born comedienne, that Baby. She's two, for heaven's sake, and she tells jokes. Her vocabulary is out of this world, and she phrases things in her own funny way. She lives to make us laugh. Her shrill giggle gets her out of trouble more often than not. She makes funny faces, and the way she rolls her eyes in mock-exasperation could beat the socks off any petulant teenager.

 She does this thing where she presses her forehead to yours with all the strength she can muster, while cackling like a maniac, and it's just so ridiculous that you can't help cracking up too. She gives guerrilla hugs. She is full of what my mother calls Attack Love. She's a fruitcake.

She doesn't walk so much as she struts, swaggers, and prances. She doesn't talk so much as as she yells. She doesn't stand so much as she bounces, dances, and shakes. She doesn't smile so much as she creates joy.



  1. What is it about funny kids and the forehead thing. Monkey Boy does the same thing!

  2. What a beautiful lady, she makes her daddy proud constantly.

  3. Just as you said! And then some... love, Menga

  4. She looks amazingly like you. Funny how that works, huh?


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