Tuesday, February 22

Where you go, iGo

I don't to a whole lot of product reviews here, but I had to do this one, because I love the thing so, so much.

This, my friends, is an iGo Charge Anywhere.

And I'm a little bit in love with it.
A few months before my friend Kerri herded me off to October's Bloggy Boot Camp, I saw several tweets about the iGo company. People were wild about their products. I didn't really get what all the unadulterated joy was about.

Until I met Heather.

In the middle of a session at Bloggy Boot Camp Austin, I sent a tweet out- wondering whether to drain my BlackBerry's battery or my laptop's. There were no electric outlets available, and I was running dangerously low on both.
iGo.com was being represented at BBC by a cute girl in a yellow cardigan, who was offering to charge
my BlackBerry right up. In fact, she @replied to me saying something like, "iGo can help! Find me, I'm in the yellow cardigan." By the time I tracked her down, I was losing hope and my BlackBerry was fading fast. She gave me a big grin,  rummaged through a box, and pulled out the Charge Anywhere. Heather asked what kind of device I needed to charge (the BB has a standard USB plug-in), then found a tip to match. See, each iGo charger tip is designed to provide the exact amount of power to a specific device. And they power everything from cell phones to mp3 players to GPS devices to laptops! Awesome.

It was like magic, y'all. This little black box, unattached to any outlet, was charging my BlackBerry. Magic. I'll admit, I'm easily awed. But the iGo blew me away.

Heather sent me back to my table with a smile and an "I'll see you later!" I sat through the rest of the conference, marveling at the wonders of technology. With a fully powered BlackBerry.

And then I stole the iGo. On accident. I never saw Heather again, and after a nap in the hotel room, cramming my head full of SEO and best practice knowledge, and one semi-wild night out in Austin... I got home with the charger in my bag.
I. felt. awful.
Months of self-inflicted torture went by (as I kept using the charger and was simultaneously wracked with guilt) until I had an epiphany.


I got in contact with iGo via their (extremely polite and helpful) twitter account- @iGo. They directed me back to cute-Heather-with-the-yellow-cardigan and I explained my mistake, all while apologizing profusely. And offering to write a post, and tweet about the (awesome) iGo charger.
She was gracious and said for me to go ahead!

And she gave me a discount code for their site, iGo.com, just for you beautiful bloggers! How cool is that?

Just enter iGoblogger at the website for 20% off your purchase! And there's free shipping for orders over $35!

The best part about the iGo products (aside from the aforementioned MAGIC) is that the iGo Green Technology (lithium ion batteries and other stuff I don't really get) reduces standby power by up to 85%, conserving resources and saving money. Did I say "awesome" already? This little baby has become my standard charger of choice. I plug it in at home, it self-charges (while charging my phone, if necessary) and then I just take it with me everywhere! It has never once failed to bring my on-its-deathbed BlackBerry back to life, 100%.

Since Jeremy got me a netbook for Christmas, I've been on it more than the laptop. It has a great battery life, but I'm already considering buying iGo's Universal Laptop Battery to add 4 hours of battery time to my sweet little netbook for when I'm away from the wall charger all day. At, like, a blogging conference or two.


Disclosure: If it wasn't abundantly clear, iGo lent me a charger and I jacked it. They didn't pay me to post a positive review, but they also didn't charge me with theft, either. We're all winners here, I think.



  1. I have been hearing a ton about the iGo chargers, too. I might need to add that to my must-have list!!

  2. I covet the iGo anywhere... one day that baby will be mine! Have to admit... I love your technique. LOL


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