Wednesday, March 2

Husband Hump Day: Telling MyChapter

Somehow, I managed to sweet-talk my husband into guest posting for me. Fingers crossed, every first Wednesday of the month will feature a new post from JB. Stay tuned, because there is no telling what he'll come up with.

This is MyChapter…

When Savannah and I first got married, we did not have a computer. Two years later, we finally got our first home computer, and shortly after that, she was telling me about something called Xanga. I had no idea what she meant. She explained to me about blogging; it was a way of keeping up with my family. So I let her set me up an account. She asked for me to pick a username and the first thing that came to my mind was my dad. I said, “Make it MyChapter.” She looked a little puzzled and asked, “Why my chapter?”

Let me give a little background on my dad.
He went to be with the Lord just over 2 years ago and I miss him dearly. He was my go-to guy about everything. There wasn’t a problem he hadn’t had or could not figure out. He was your typically-goofy dad, at least to a pre-teen boy, (it would be years before I really appreciated the wisdom my father possessed). He was a dark red-headed, left-handed pitcher, ex-catholic, former US Naval pilot, a photography teacher and picture taker extraordinaire, an avid backpacker, a strong Christian, a loving husband, a full-of-life type A-personality, an all-around funny man, and most importantly, he was my Dad. That just barely scratches the surface of who my father was, but it’s a start.
I remember when he would come home from work and I would be at the dinner table doing homework. My mom would be cooking dinner and he would come over, give her a kiss on the cheek, and pat her bottom. It would totally gross me out and I would say, “Eww. Come on Dad, do that somewhere else.” He would say, “What? Your mother likes it.” She would retort with something about how she was sure “all” the women like it, (sarcastically but sweetly, saying, “Your Father thinks he is a bigger flirt than he really is.” That would just fuel his fire and he would start to dance (I use “dance” loosely since it usually looked like he was convulsing and would occasionally throw a leg spastically in the air).
Then he would tell me (as he did frequently) the same thing he claimed to have told all the girls he used to date (which, by the way, he went to an all-boy catholic school). He would say, “When you write a book about your life, leave my chapter out!” Then he would crack himself up and I would laugh too, and my mom would say with a big ole grin on her face, “Stop it, you are just encouraging him.” He was implying that he was such a big part of these girls lives that they would want to write a book about him, but he was just too cool to be included.

After explaining that to Savannah she said, “So, why do you want that for a username leave my chapter out!
Then I broke out in a dance…

Jeremy B is a husband to the luckiest woman in the world, a father to the smartest son and loveliest daughters in the world, and ason to parents who tried 3 times until they reached perfection (but don’t tell that to his older sisters). He strives to be like his role model, his dad (but can dance much better). Jeremy finally wrote his own bio. You can find him not tweeting at @mychapter.

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