Tuesday, March 15

I have a crush on Tumblr

When I first heard about Tumblr (later than everyone else had, because that's how I do), I was hesitant. In fact, I was all, "No way, not another microblogging site/thing I have to remember the password to." But thanks to a little coaching from Kat, I fell in love. Blame her.

I am totally smitten by Tumblr because I see so many lovely things there, and I don't have to do anything at all! Yes, it's a self-gratifying, lazy kind of love.

It's a lot like Twitter in that you follow the tumbls, or tumblrs, or, tumblogs or whatever, of people you want to follow. There is no barrage of status updates from your Aunt Mildred and that One Guy From Highschool. There is no, "RT MY TUMB, PLZ."

Occasionally, there are lots of words grouped together (like the excellent, if sometimes foul-mouthed, Kelli Hates. Which I love.) but mostly, in my stream, there are pretty pictures of random things, and lovely quotes. It is a source of etsy.com inspiration. It has tons of cool vintagey things, with which I am currently obsessed. It has lots and lots of photos of books, and of people reading books, that I particularly love. It has photos of handmade felt octopi, for crying out loud.

This is why I love Tumblr- I don't have to create anything. I don't have to sit down and come up with something, I don't have to wonder if I might offend someone, or worse, leave someone not laughing. I just get to click the handy "reblog" button, add it to my automatic queue, and say, "Ahhh."

Some of my recent tumbles (I'm sorry, Tumblr. I had to stick that "e" in there just once.) include:

and THIS.
which is actually a picture of my uncle and one of my cousins,
and is one of my most favorite photos in the whole world.

I, ever so aptly, titled my tumbl, .the.things.i.love.
Its, ever so apt, tagline is this: a small but varied collection of things that catch my eye or tug at my heart

Go see. It might just tug at your heart, too!



  1. "Excellent, if sometimes foul-mouthed" Thanks! Probably the most apt description of my rants. About a week into it I came home and the hubs was like 'I read your tumblr, you cuss a whole lot! Are you going to get fired?' I was like 'Fired? No. Possibly offend some people? Yes.'
    I like to pretend she's an alter ego so it's not so bad.
    And there are so may cute things that you post! I consider reblogging (retumbling?) but it kind of clashes with the Hate.

  2. uh oh. I think I might need to check into this tumblr thing. I'll blame you. :)
    Love love love the photos.

  3. obviously you know I'm also obsessed with Tumblr too. for exactly the same reasons. I love the pretty and funny. and it's quieter than blogs, if that makes any sense.

  4. :) TUMBLR! Hooray! I like Kerri's comment as well - it IS quieter than blog and oh-so-easy on the eyes!

  5. uh oh. I think I might need to check into this tumblr thing. I'll blame you. :)
    Love love love the photos.


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