Tuesday, March 1

Indescribably Undomestic: A flashback

Ten years ago, my best friend and I moved into the dorm and settled into life inside a 12x12 room. We had two dressers, two desks, and a set of bunk beds. We also had the luxury of our very! own! sink! With a mirror and everything. We also had a mini-fridge/min-microwave combo, which were used solely to house bottled water, a bottle of rum a jug of milk, and to cook mini-corndogs. We were all about the mini.

When our mothers took us shopping to stock the dorm, my BFF and I chose cute, cheap melamine plates from the Wal-Mart store. (They matched our comforters! Which matched the picture frames! And the desk organizers! There were a LOT of exclamation points during our freshman year of college.) We could cook a little something for ourselves with our very! own! microwave! and then rinse off the dishes in the dish-soap and face-soap lined sink.

That's the BFF on the left, and me on the right;
Ten years, three kids, and 45 pounds ago.
She is still gorgeous.

Well. She rinsed the dishes. I just sort of let them sit there for a while. Until they looked like they were about to start growing something. Once, I loaded the dirty dishes and cups into a laundry basket and drove them over to our friends' actual house... where there was an actual dishwasher. My lazy knew no bounds.

One day, after a solid week (or more?) of my filling the sink with plates topped by hardening mac and cheese and moldering pizza crusts, my best friend/exasperated roommate threw! the plates! away!

Except, I didn't notice until after Spring Break.

And, except, now that I think about it, the plates weren't in the sink. I had stashed them in the cabinet below the sink. Probably when a boy a study partner came over to make-out study.

If only our dirty sink was overlooking a sunny oasis.
And had a fishbowl.Then I would have cleaned.
via ApartmentTherapy.com
Man. My younger self was gross. Good thing I'm a real! live! grown-up! who cooks and cleans up after herself now.

{insert husband's laughter here}


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