Friday, March 11

Need a MOMcation?

ou just read that word, MOMcation, and said, "Ahhhh, yes!" didn't you?
Moms (and moms-to-be!) in Central Arkansas have a unique opportunity for a weekend getaway this spring. My friend Fawn is organizing another MOMcation this year, taking place April 29-May 1 at Heifer Ranch. (And we've already established how much I love Heifer International, right?)

I am so excited for a lazy exhilarating weekend of kid-lessness intellectual stimulation among new friends. I admit, this is a step outside of my comfort level. I won't know most of the other moms there, and I'm not the best with small talk. But there are so many cool things going on during the MOMcation, that I could hardly stand not to go.

A small-but-lovely list of some MOMcation Activities:
Book Discussion: We'll discuss Amy Wilson's book, When Did I Get Like This? I follow Amy on the twitters and I can't wait to read this book.
Cooking Workshop: Because, bless my own heart, Lord knows I need one.
Ask the Pediatrician: A sit-down, don't-be-afraid-to-ask time with Dr. Carrie Brown, who is a UAMS faculty member at Arkansas Children’s Hospital and writes for
Lots of Other Cool Stuff: a magazine and clothing swap, a book exchange, a coupon trade, hayrides (right?!), hikes, campfires and best of all.... girl time.

Plus! Plus! Somebody will win a Keratin Smoothing hair treatment!! I am dying for this right now, but don't have the $350 it costs just lying around waiting to be spent.

I am really excited about the MOMcation, can you tell? I think it would be a great weekend for you and your BFF, or you alone, or you and your three favorites cousins, or.... well... you get it.

Registration for the MOMcation is $180, and closes April 3rd. That covers all of the weekend's meals, lodging at the Heifer Ranch and activities. (A good deal, huh?)

There is a Saturday-only option available, too, for $80. If you can't swing the dollars or the time for the entire weekend, you should join us for Saturday's activities. A mini-MOMcation! You can register for the Saturday option online at starting March 21st.

So. You should go. It'll be fun. C'mon.
Oh! Plus! Fawn and the team sent out an email this week that said
"We've got a few more surprises up our sleeves. A little hint -some of our surprises involve pampering! (Not the diaper kind.)"
So! You should go! It'll be fun!


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