Tuesday, March 29

Only the Good Dye Young

I have had 17 gray hairs in the last two years. I counted each one as I pulled it out of my head. At first I was naming them. The Baby. The Girl. The Boy. The Dog. The Husband. The Laundry. Then I lost count, and started over.

Not even RiRi can pull off the Betty White look.

I had friends in high school whose moms were totally on board with their bleached blonde highlights, or jet black dye jobs. These were The Pretty Friends. The ones whose eyeliner never smudged, whose braces came off before mine, and whose hair never kinked up in the stifling Arkansas humidity. Ten years later, they're still gorgeous. I hate them a little bit.

My mom colored her hair for years, but warned me against it. "If you ever start, you won't be able to stop." (Interestingly, this bit wisdom is exactly what one of my closest -and now heart-breakingly deceased- guy friends told me about pre-marial sex.)

There was one disastrous occasion when the mother of my Beauty Pagaent Friend firmly placed a cap on my head and started pulling "just a few pieces. To frame your face. To highlight it a bit. And... hand me those tweezers. Your eyebrows are ridiculous." Thus began my first lesson in plucking and coloring.

I stuck with the tweezing (mostly... though now I let my hairdresser do the waxing for me), but not so much the highlights. Turns out my light brown hair didn't take well to that color- and orange didn't look as good on me as it does on Kathy Griffin.

Lately I'm thinking of reversing my position on aging gracefully. My long-held anti-upkeep regimen is starting to show. The Girl poked at my scalp a few weeks ago and asked why one of my hairs was shiny. Shiny and silver.

I recently read a precious YA book, Anna and the French Kiss whose author and main character both have unique do's. Stephanie Perkins has cute, curly hair that is sometimes green, sometimes blue. Her titular Anna has brown hair with a manufactured shock of white.
After I finished the French Kiss, I had a brilliant idea: Purple highlights.

Not this drastic, from fashionmefabulous.com,
but, um, nice flowers there, gal.

I've been toying with the idea of putting purple highlights in the underside my hair for months now. I have a friend who, after years of jobs that required a strict wardrobe and appearance, became a momma and highlighted her blonde hair with a shocking pink- and loved it. I am not so bold, but I think some color would be fun. I just haven't worked up the guts yet.

See? Subtle. From gasolinealleysalon.com, wherever that is.

Anything would be better than more gray-hair counting.

Also hair related: My fantastic giveaway with The Rep!! Two tickets to the Mom & Me matinee of Hairspray are still up for grabs. My sweet friends Alison and Sarabeth are giving away tickets, too!



  1. I used to have a friend named Savannah. Then she said she'd only had 17 gray hairs in her whole life. I had that many before I even turned 17. Now - I shudder to think. Ironically, tonight is hair coloring night.

  2. Shoot, I started going grey about 28 and now I think I'm probably 85% (and I'm 40.) I use henna because I'm scared of the dyes, but purple is pretty durn cool.

  3. *Holding my breath as I type this* I haven't yet seen any gray, but my hair is light brown and well, I'm still fighting freckles and I'll be damned if I worry about freckles and grays in the same year.
    Regardless, before I chopped all my hair, I started doing red highlights (thought they were more grown up than the blonde) and I LOVED it. They were subtle and fun. Made me feel sassy. So go on with your purple self.

  4. Want to feel bold?
    I've never dyed my hair. Well-that's a half truth, I've used semi-permanent, that's it.
    And I have never, EVER ventured out of red.

    I have long wondered what I'd look like as a brunette--but many times as soon as the musing starts I hear "NO! You Can't!" It's like a built in preservation society. Which, I guess is good since natural reds are less than 2% of the population.

  5. I kinda tried to dye a piece of my hair red when I was in high school. It turned out a really dark brown and now you can see a little bit of it in the sun. ALSO! I read Anna & TFC and I thought it was great! =)

  6. I used to have a friend named Savannah. Then she said she'd only had 17 gray hairs in her whole life. I had that many before I even turned 17. Now - I shudder to think. Ironically, tonight is hair coloring night.

  7. I always wanted to be a natural redhead like my mom so as soon as I was old enough I dyed my hair red. Finding the same shade every time is hard though, so even though my hair has always been red, the shade fluctuates. Once I accidentally dyed it a VERY bright red but luckily it faded and now it's the most natural looking it ever has been!


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