Friday, March 18

Open Highways Readers: Groovy 60's Kid Books

I have had the good fortune of stumbling upon not one but two library book sales lately. A few weeks ago, Sarabeth, Sarah, Kerri and I, along with my five children (yes, five- two Bees, two nephews, and a cousin-niece) ventured into the wilds of the CALS Main Branch's basement.

I would have paid good money to be down there alone, or to be down there with those gals and no children. As it was, I let each kid pick out five (5!) books of their own (because I am the coolest mother/aunt ever), I collected several kid books and, I think, only one grown-up book.

Then on Wednesday of this week, I went to my local library to pick up some books they were holding for me. I was delighted, thrilled even, to find another book sale going on.

I think it's an addiction, this habit I have of collecting books. But it's better than crack, right?

As I finally got around to putting all of the books in their new homes, I noticed that two of them- from separate library sales- were from the same 1960's reader series: Open Highways, a diagnostic and developmental reading program.

Their cover art (and loads of art inside) was so fantistically fantastic, I thought about framing the entire book and hanging it on my wall. And then I remembered I own a dusty old scanner. So.

circa 1967
So cool, huh? Also, a good motto for life. Ready to Roll. I think my friend, That Cover Girl, would approve.

And this second one is my favorite: 1) for its inherent awesomeness and 2) because nobody really says "splendid" anymore, and 3) because it was formerly owned by one Chuckie McCauley. And I like that.

circa 1968
Also a good motto for life... or... a good metaphor for life. Either way.

I think I will do some light color correcting, and print them out and frame them.

Not a bad ROI, considering they were a nickel a piece.


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