Thursday, April 28

Brunch Bunch: Creative Nutrition

(Ok, fine. I'm using the term "nutrition" very very loosely in this post. Whatev.)

We usually go grocery shopping just once a week. And when I say "we," I mean "Jeremy and the kids." I've kind of been banned from buying food, because I tend to buy Ranch flavored rice cakes, and organic dried banana chips and too much cream cheese.... the list really does go on.

But when the groceries run out before the paycheck comes in, it's time to get creative.

The Bees, like all other kids, have varying tastes and appetites. We don't really abide by much picky-ness around here, but we know which foods each kid genuinely doesn't like. We also know when one of them is just trying to get out of eating Brussels sprouts.
Their hunger levels fluctuate wildly from week to week, day to day, sometimes even hour by hour.... add to that the fact that we are a "routine" family, not a "schedule" family- meaning we do the same things each day, but not necessarily at the same hour. It all adds up to mass confusion when it comes 'round to feeding time.

Some weeks they don't eat anything other than apples and cereal and milk. (Or, in The Boy's case, V8 juice. Which... ew.) Other weeks they are like the time-lapsed videos of jungle ants devouring animal carcasses and everything else in their path. Only less grody.

This has been an eating week. And, always inconveniently, a bill-paying week. Which means we're down to cans of refried beans and just-add-milk muffin mixes, neither of which go over particularly well, and certainly not together.

So today, on this day-before-payday day, we got creative with breakfast brunch (because really, I can't very well call our 10:00 am meal breakfast, can I?).
We dug the last precious few waffles out of the freezer, we lined all of our condiments on the kitchen counter.
We did a little math: (8 condiment jars) minus (ketchup + mustard + pimento cheese + soy sauce) equals (butter/syrup/chocolate sauce/whipped cream). There's always time for learning!

We came up with lots of combinations for waffle toppings:
The Girl chose syrup, whipped cream, and a Cutie.

The Boy went with butter, syrup, and chocolate sauce.
I picked peanut butter, syrup, and chocolate sauce. Just call me The King, y'all.
The Baby made a mess of everything.
The Boy's brunch, round two

I feel like so often during chow time I'm hollering at the Bees to "Sit down, eat your food, get the fork out of your hair, sit down, scoot the drink back so it doesn't spill, sit down, don't lick the table, eat your food, SIT! YOUR! BOTTOM! DOWN!"

Occasionally, we all relish in a slow and easy, messy, sugar loaded, really fun meal together.
We can do baby carrots and spinach salad and grilled chicken tomorrow.


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  1. You are such a creative and fun mommy! Menga1 approves and Grampa is laughing!


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