Monday, April 11

Mom 2.0 Summit: A packing list. Sort of.

In three days, Jeremy and I are leaving for New Orleans. We're going alone, just the two of us. I am inordinately excited about spending a total of 18 uninterrupted hours with him in the car. He's my favorite person ever, and I do so love a captive audience.
I’m going to a blogging conference called Mom 2.0 Summit. Jeremy is my chauffer coming along for the fun. I have watched the internets light up for two years now, each time Mom 2.0 rolls around. This year, I’ll see it live and in person. So many bloggers that I love will be there, and I am looking forward to meeting new bloggy friends.

I’ve been mentally packing for weeks, though, in typical me fashion, I probably won’t pack until Wednesday night. You know, 8 hours before we leave.

Here’s a list I’ve been sorting through, rearranging, adding and subtracting from in my head.

What I’m taking to Mom 2.0 Summit:

• My sweet little netbook. In anticipation of all the tweeting, writing, blogging and photoediting I’d be doing in the next year, my ridiculously awesome hubby got me a Toshiba netbook this past Christmas.

• My beloved Canon, a full battery, and an empty CF card. I’ve seen the pictures that come out of some of those after-conference parties. I think I’ll be safer behind the lens, than in front. Plus, we’re going to NEW ORLEANS. Gorgeous town full of gorgeous food, buildings and people.

• My new BlackBerry. For instant tweeting, texting Jeremy about how much fun I’m having, finding other conferees, and taking notes on the fly.

(Sidenote... What I'm Not Taking: reading material. Because I’m pretty sure I won’t have time to pick up as much as a cereal box to read the back of. I’m reading some really good books right now (I have a terrible habit of switching books mid-chapter, therefore confusing the snot outta myself), but I’m not taking any of them. I can't read in the car, either, because I get carsickness like The Baby gets naked. Which means: easily and all the time. And on the off-chance that Jeremy and I run out of things to say to each other on the drive down there, I downloaded Tina Fey’s new book, Bossypants, in awesome audio form, and can listen to that for a bit.)

• My beat-up old BlackBerry. In case both my computer and my phone die, I’ll still have access to note-taking.

• My trusty iGo charger. Because I have a tendency to run down phone batteries when I’m out in public.

• My $1 Target bin Where the Wild Things Are notebook. In case I have to actually use a… what’s that thing called again?... a pen.

• My business calling blog pretty cards. Custom XM made them for me in a snap last fall, and they’ve served me well thus far. I’m gonna hand out a bazillion of them. Which reminds me…

• My Ziploc bag. To put other pretty cards in. Otherwise I’d stuff them all in my bag and I’d lose half of them. So. Ziploc bag.

• My rockstar fleur-de-lis t-shirt that I convinced my stepmother to buy for me when she dragged me into a bona fide Country &  Western store. Because fleur-de-lis = NOLA (Also, I have a long-standing and deep-rooted love of fleur-de-lis. That's another story.)

• My deodorant. Because? Nervous nerves + walking around New Orleans in April = smelly me.

• My ever-expanding Mom 2.0 Twitter list o’ fantasticness.

• My new favorite prep-post, from Amy Turn Sharp.

• My learning face. It’s hard to say whether I’m looking forward more to meeting new friends or hearing new ideas. In the great scope of blogtasticness, I’m a baby. I have so much to learn, and some of the brightest, funniest minds in the blogosphere will be there. Sitting on a stage, telling me how to Do. It. Right.

• My brave face. I’m actually sort of terrified to be walking into a room full of 400 people, knowing exactly one soul. (Hi, Kyran!)
But I’m so excited. I am so, so excited. I’ve “met” several fabulous women via the twitters, or a facebook group, or through their awesome blogs and etsy shops. I am thrilled to make real-life connections, even if it means I have physically remove myself from my comfort zone and superglue a smile on my face and shove my hand out and force myself to say, “Hi! I’m Savannah B!”

My life list. Totally crossing off #55.

I can’t wait. I can’t wait. I can’t wait.



  1. I'm completely obsessed with fleur-de-lis! Every time we do a project in the house I will say, 'Hmmm, this needs something.' and Brad will say, 'Yes. But not a fleur-de-lis!' They have been banned. Kind of like bead board. My house is a giant bead board house covered in fleur-de-lis.
    Good luck, have fun!

  2. Great idea to use old phone to take notes.. Thanks for sharing your list. I better get packing myself.

  3. Here's a handy tip I learned at the 2009 Mom 2.0 (my first conference!) - we'll probably get lanyards with clear plastic badges and our names/URLs on them. The pocket in those badges can actually hold an impressive amount of business cards - both yours AND ones you collect from others. I've used that same method at the other conferences I've been to, and it always serves me well! Except...don't mix yourself up and hand out OTHER people's cards. I swear I didn't do that, but I did watch someone else do it. Like three times. (hilarious)

    I'm very excited to meet you. Please let's find each other and hug!!!! :D

    ps: and while in danger of it being tmi, I always bring Certain Dri to these kinds of things, because my nerves go on OVERDRIVE and I need to good stuff, you know? ;)

  4. "the" good stuff..."the" good stuff.

    and I don't even have auto correct to blame it on! :/

  5. Okay NOW I understand the pic you tweeted of the business card case that Audreya got you!!! =D I love your notebook. Have a blast, Sweets.

  6. "the" good stuff..."the" good stuff.

    and I don't even have auto correct to blame it on! :/

  7. Great idea to use old phone to take notes.. Thanks for sharing your list. I better get packing myself.


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