Thursday, April 14

Mom 2.0 Summit: Sisterhood of the Traveling Card Case

So, I have this ridiculously awesome friend, Audreya. She is very pretty, a great writer, and she's one of the most naturally funny people I've ever known. Her funny is all organic; pesticide-free, even.
I make fun of her for living outside the city limits, in what is now apparently the Earthquake Capital of the Universe (by my humble estimation). But she can't really help it.

Yesterday morning she sent me a text and was all, "Dude. I sent you a present. Why haven't you thanked me for it yet?" Ok, that's not exactly what she said. After a few "Who? Whaaa?" texts from me, she basically said, "Go check your front stoop." Only, she didn't say stoop because she knows where I live and she knows I don't have a stoop. But, I've always kind of wanted a stoop. Anyway.
I go check, and like magic, there on my stoop is the lightest-weight package I've ever recieved from Amazon.

Have I mentioned that two of my favorite things on. this. planet. are getting presents and getting cool stuff in the mail? Both things happened yesterday!

It was this:

It seems Audreya was simply appalled that I'd be whipping out a baggie during the conference, like I might pass out some baby carrots and sippy cups, too. Ok, she didn't say that, either. She actually said, "There are few areas of life where I must put my foot down. Carrying a Ziploc bag to any semi-professional-ish event is one of them. Also, it was cute and twitteresque."  

This is Audreya's serious face. She's giving Michelangelo a good what-for.

The case is, in fact, twitteresque. And purple. And perfect.
I knew immediately what I'd do with it. Aside from, you know, carrying cards.

It's going to be my Flat Stanley. But instead of teaching about literacy and international community, I'm just going to take pictures of it in cool/interesting/wacky settings on my trip to New Orleans!

It'll be the most fun a business card holder has ever had. Except for maybe Paris Hilton's business card holder. I bet that one's seen some things.



  1. For the record, I would be totally fine with you passing out baby carrots. For the other part of the record, I only asked if you got the package because sending it to the wrong address is completely within the realm of things I would do. And you don't know it, but I really did almost say "stoop". I'm from the North. Another thing I can't help.

    Anyway, I LOVE the Flat Stanley idea! And writing a post for me? Super sweet. Were I capable of human emotion, it probably would have choked me up!

  2. Hi there!

    Just happened to stumble across your blog. I too am a Little Rock blogger! My focus is a little more on the fashion side. I would love if you would stop by my blog!

    I actually have a $150 jewelry giveaway that I’m hosting that ends tonight. Would love it if you entered!


    Erin Baskin

  3. SO great to meet you at 2.0!

    What a fab friend to send you something to add a little pizazz to your day!

  4. SO great to meet you at 2.0!

    What a fab friend to send you something to add a little pizazz to your day!


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