Monday, May 9

In-Depth Interview with a Potty Trainee

We had some big stuff happen last week. So big, in fact, that we had to call Daddy at work to tell him about it. So big, in fact, that we had to record it.
But first, I want you to meet Poodence.

The Baby *adores* Prudence. Prudence makes smart choices, like putting her peepee in the potty, instead of going on the kitchen floor. Prudence would be a good influence on The Baby, if The Baby was prone to being influenced. But she's not.

So anyway, that's Prudence. And this is The Baby, after she made a very good choice (read: I caught her on time and stuck her on the toilet).

She was excited. She demonstrated.

If only the bright glow of proud pottying would last more than half an hour...



  1. Oh my. That gave me a laugh that I much needed. She's stinkin adorable!

  2. I adore this video. I watched it several times and laughed every single time. This so captures her cute and very expressive personality!

  3. I can't believe I just saw this! She is so honkin funny! Lud ju!


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