Tuesday, June 7

Marriage Advice: Make Helpful Diagrams... Alternatively Titled: A Letter to My Husband

Dear Sweet Helpful Husband,
I really appreciate all that you do for our family. You work tirelessly at your paying gig, and just as tirelessly at all the other non-financially profitable gigs. That you volunteer to do. Because you are a fantastic person.
You are an incredible father, and the best husband I've ever had. Easy on the eyes, too.
It makes me crazy when you do the laundry.
I know, I know, if I would only do the laundry when I say I will, you wouldn't have to passive-aggressively wash the girls' bathing suits and my bras in the same load as your yard-work shorts and dog-pee clean up towels.
You are a naturally helpful, organized, clean person, and I am a natural slob free spirit.
It's just...
I can't stand it when you put away our daughters' clothes. I will be the first to admit: I am a freak-and-a-half when it comes to proper putting away of clothes. (If only I was so crazy about doing the dishes, am I right?)
There is a system, honey.
It's been in place for years.
I've never changed it.
But since you haven't mastered the system yet, I drew a Helpful Diagram:

It's easy. Systematic. Logical. 

So, when I find The Girl's Easter dress wadded up in what is clearly her baby sister's jammy drawer, I get a little tense. And when a 24 month zip-up onesie sneaks its way into the bottom drawer- the one filled with 5T t-shirts and denim cut-offs, I seethe, just a little bit. When there are little girl panties on hangers in the closet? I lose. my. mind.

So, I'm hoping that this Helpful Diagram will help. Because it takes away valuable housekeeping time (I could be mopping!!) when I have to dump the contents of five separate dresser drawers onto the floor and start from scratch. 

I love you.
You look handsome today.
And thanks for letting me eat the last of your white chocolate vanilla bean cheesecake.

Did I mention how much I love you?

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  1. I swear, your helpful diagram is hysterical. Hubby was amused??


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