Monday, June 20

The Only Good Thing Dora Ever Did

I hate Dora. 

(I know. What a great opener, huh?)

She makes me crazy. She's too yelly, she asks obvious questions, she rarely blinks, she's pretty helpless... and what kind of parents let their pre-schooler run around in the jungle with only a bug-eyed monkey for a babysitter? Irresponsible.

I managed to avoid Dora entirely with the first two Bees. The Boy was a big fan of Elmo, and dinosaurs, and really, we rarely watched TV. The Girl fell fast and hard for Abby Cadabby, and that was alright with me. But for some unknown reason, The Baby loves Dora. I mean, loooooves her.

But she's not so great at opening bedroom doors. 
(Awesome segue, me. I'm really on fire with the doing of the writing today.)

So, a few days ago when The Baby shut herself in her brother's room, she stared shouting. 
Ayúdame, Ayúdame! 
She has a tendency to yell incoherent words and phrases, loudly and often, so I wasn't certain I heard her correctly. 

Until she did it again.

Ayúdame! Help me! I am in! this! roooom!

So, I think I can start telling people that The Baby is bilingual, right? Because having a bilingual child is just so much better than having a kid who zombs out in front of the television when cartoons are on. 



  1. Ok, the pictures? Are killing me! TOO CUTE! I will die from the cuteness. And there will be no one there to ayudame. ;)

    And I never noticed Dora doesn't blink. But that explains an *awful* lot, doesn't it?

  2. Oh my goodness she is so precious!

  3. You can declare your toddler bilingual if I can declare my husband bilingual. He likes to repeat 'vamanos una pelicula ala bibliotecha.' which loosely (and probably very poorly) translates to 'Let's go watch a movie at the library.'

  4. I have two new favorite words -- yelly and zombs.

  5. Ok, first off, I admit I don't hate Dora. In fact, I'm 99% sure she is going to be the focus of our next birthday shindig, seeing as how my Eden looooves her just like your Baby. And I just can't hate someone who keeps my daughter's attention, OK BABYSITS HER, like it's nobody's business. I'm actually eternally grateful. (and obviously not nearly as good a mommy as you because I let my daughter watch TV A LOT.) (Oh, and Eden can say Hola. So I claim the bilingual status too.)

  6. I wrote a whole thing about how Dora is *obviously* on hallucinogenic drugs, what with the talking backpack and rainbows everywhere.... but it got a little wordy.

  7. Oh, Kelcie. You have a greater tolerance for annoying cartoon toddlers than I do, and for that, I commend you. And there's no way I'm a better mother... she wouldn't even know who Dora is if I didn't keep the tv on in the morning when I'm trying to wake up. And in the evening when I'm trying to cook supper. And...

  8. These pictures are SO GREAT! And yay for bilingual babies.

  9. My kids are slowly outgrowing Donra, and I am so please about that. Here's something you should enjoy: "A Court-Ordered Letter from Dora the Explorer's Mother. My favorite part: "So instead of sending my daughter to school, yes, I just send her out into the woods with a monkey. ... I let Dora go there because I don’t think she would do well in a traditional school setting." That's pretty much how and why we homeschool, too.

  10. You can totally gow ith bilingual. My kid shouts vamanos a la Diego all day long! Adorable photos.

    Great to meet you at Type-A. (Tribe session)

  11. Haha! My 3-year-old loves to play "Ayudame" too! (He's usually lying on the carpet somewhere, pretending to be stuck in the mud.) And I feel EXACTLY the same way about Dora... why why why does she have to yell like that?? But I do enjoy the Spanish words that slip into conversation sometimes... and when he talks about leatherback sea turtles or hermit crabs or whatever from Diego, it kinda warms my heart.

    Great post! :)


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