Thursday, June 2

What's Your At-Bat Song?

A few weeks ago, I went to an Arkansas Travelers baseball game with Audreya and a few other fine folks. I've been to several baseball games in my life. As opposed to everything but football other sports, I really love live baseball. But baseball on tv? Not unless I'm couch-napping.

I must be older and crotchety-er than I had previously thought. There was a whole group of people sitting with us on the berm at the Travs game, and I couldn't hear a word any of them were saying. It was just. so. loud. When I complained about being an old lady and the poor selection of jock jams that seemed to be on an endless 15-second repeating loop, I learned a little something.

Baseball players get to pick their at-bat songs.
Oh, hey Chipper. 

This was a revelation to me. My sweet friend Sarah Leer was shocked, shocked! that I didn't know this tradition. She said that one of the first things she asks people, to assess their awesomeness and calculate likelihood of future friendship, is what their at-bat song would be.

I was floored. I've had this recurring daydream for about 20 years now: I'm a rockstar, I'm standing in the backstage area of a mega-arena filled with my adoring fans, and they're all cheering- ready for me to make my grand entrance. (Pathetic? Maybe. But it's my happy place. You have your beach, I have my limelight.) I imagine this is how ball players feel when they step up to the plate, energized and totally psyched up by the song of their choosing.

Your at-bat song is no light matter. I thought about what mine would be for weeks before it dawned on me.

There is one song that has stuck with me since the first time I heard it about nine years ago. It's like a Pavlovian booty-shaking response when I hear it. It makes my happy and it makes me dance. I have applied various lyrics to various stages of my life. It gives the listener no choice but to love it more.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you.....

My at-bat song.

Turn it up loud.

Isn't it fantastic?

So give your at-bat song some serious thought (or maybe you've had it picked out for years? Wild Thing? Pour Some Sugar on Me? Bo Diddley?) and let me know!!



  1. See I view the At-Bat songs differently. I feel the song should strike fear into an opponent.
    It's supposed to convey badassery, in a few short seconds.

    Knowing this I still cannot narrow my selection to one choice. Here are a few:

    Audioslave: Show Me How To Live
    AC/DC: Thunderstruck
    DJ Kahled: All I Do Is Win
    So Whatchu Want: Beastie Boys

  2. I'm probably screwing with your analytics right now because I'm not closing this until I pick a song.
    OK, first, I love the song "Brown Eyed Girl" (despite my own blue eyes.)
    Pixies "Where is my mind" (let's not analyze or try to read into that)
    Fall Out Boy "Dance Dance" (because I like to dance dance.)
    I don't know if any of those would be considered 'at bat' songs but I'm sticking with them.

    Yes, it took me that long.

  3. Crazy Train. I've had that one picked out for a while.

  4. Crazy Train. I've had that one picked out for a while.

  5. Damon picked 38 Special's Chain Lightening!


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