Friday, July 29

English is Dumb. And I Love it Anyway.

I make no secret about my love of words. I love reading them, I love writing them, I love learning new ones and teaching them to my children.
I borrowed a book from the library last week that was very.... odd... but it had so many delicious words, I wanted to run out and buy a copy and fill it with underlines and highlighter marks. I can't remember the last time I read a novel that had me looking up at least one word per page to find its meaning. (I'd add some of them here, but I already took it back to the library. And I'm thisclose to ordering it right. this. minute.)
(Like: gaol. Do you know what a gaol is, and who gaolers are? I bet you do. A gaol is a place where criminals are locked up behind bars. And gaolers are the people who make sure the criminals don't escape. Got it? Did I mention this scrumtiously-worded book is set in Victorian England?)

In any case, the English language is to-the-brim with wonderful words.... and a whole bunch of mind-boggling rules and regulations and glaring oddities. (My mother is an English as a Second Language teacher/facilitator. It also makes her crazy how ridiculous the English language is. I suppose it's hereditary. The crazy, not the English. Although, ok, maybe that is, too. Also.  Anyway.)

This whole post formulated because I was looking at a "warming green tea" face mask on my bathroom counter this morning. Under the English title, it reads, "masque au the' vert," because everything's fancier in French. And I thought (in my early-morning brain fog), "Huh. Vert. Like 'verde' in Spanish. Like 'verdant.' So ver = green in every other language but ours. Weird."
And of course, that line of thinking led to, "It's like how 'luna' means 'moon' to everybody but us. Dumb English."
And then, it circled back to ver: "Verb-something has to do with words. Verbal, verbiage, verbose..."

(I never claimed to have deep thoughts before 8:00am, just long, disjointed ones.)

So, why not just leave things at verde, luna, verb.... It's like the originators of the English language just plucked letters out of our alphabet and lined them up and called it quits. Green. Moon. Words.
I don't know why Latin is a dead language. It seems so much.... easier.

I'm sure there are tons more out there, but this is as far as I got before The Baby started playing in my makeup.

Then I remembered this video:

Because homophones are awesome.

And awful.

At the same time.

There are some really fantastic (Latin-based, I'm sure) words out there, too:
curple (do YOU know what a curple is?)
(What? Do you not keep a list of lovely/fascinating/fun words? That's only for serious geeks? Huh.)

Oh wait, I just remembered one more example of English ridiculousness:
See? Wacked.

Ooh! One more:

So... what silly English-born words am I leaving out? Do you have any super favorite words?

found and tumbl'd

(PS- if you need any book recommendations, follow the #FridayReads tag on the twitters. There arealways new books to be found!)

Friday, July 22

Raving Rabbids Winner!!

Congrats to Emily, who won the Raving Rabbids Wii game!

Have fun, Emily! And be sure to thank Ubisoft and The Clever Girls!


Friday, July 15

Raving Rabbids Giveaway from Ubisoft and the Clever Girls!

Giveaway time!!

I haven't posted much about the (awesome) Type-A Parent Conference a few weeks ago in Asheville, NC because, well, I haven't posted much at all.

It's summer time. Give me a break.

But while I was hanging out in (beautiful, funky) Asheville at (amazing) Type-A Con, I met some (very pretty and way smart) Clever Girls.
Cat and Sheila are (no parentheses necessary) super awesome ladies who, along with my also very-smart-and-pretty friend Lisa of A Daily Pinch, threw a rockin' Ubisoft dance party at the conference!!

....get to the giveaway, lady....

Ok. So. Folks were shaking their groove thangs, and drinking Smurfy blue drinks and there were wine and patios and amazing women and like three dudes and... Ok. Fine.

Courtesy of the Clever Girls and Ubisoft, I give you:

And I'll include three cute rabbid little Rabbids figures, too!

Per their website: The Rabbids are about to change the course of human history and you’re invited to the party! The Rabbids are bwaaack and this time they have an infallible plan to invade the human world: CONQUER HISTORY! When they discover time travel with their Time Washing Machine, you can bet they will cause loads of ridiculously wacky mayhem in history.

Looks fun, huh? I can't provide a review here (because I don't have a Wii. whah-whah), but maybe when you win you can write one for me? Yes! Yes, that's a great idea!

Raving Rabbids is kid-friendly, and by all other accounts I've read, it is really fun.

I'm a little jealous of you for getting to win it.

To win (leave one comment for each Easy, Informative, and Fun Task):

Easy: Like chasing my Bees on facebook.

Informative: Check out (and like) Clever Girls Collective on facebook.

Fun: Like Raving Rabbids (also on facebook. weird, huh?), and play the mini-game!

Bonus comment: Tweet about this post. Say something witty and wonderful like, "I just entered to win Raving Rabbids from a very pretty lady named @SavannahB. You can too, at!"

I'll draw a random winner and announce it next Wednesday (7/20)!
Good luck, and may the rabs be with you! (whatever that means.)

(Disclosure: I haven't played the game and I didn't get paid for this post. I just like giving stuff to people, and the Clever Girls said I could. So there.)

Tuesday, July 5

Go On, Brush My Shoulders Off

(that's two hip-hop themed blog post titles in one week. go me!)

I hope each of you had a safe and happy and star-spangled Fourth of July yesterday. I'll have to steal some pictures from someone who had a camera, and post some celebratory evidence later.

For now, I'm all over the internet again. It's like I'm viral (which, doesn't sound nearly as cool as I thought it would).

I wrote a post over at And Nobody Told Me.
It's about the phenomenon in motherhood known as the dreaded Dirty Shoulder.
And it went up yesterday, but I was in panic mode most of the day because all three of my children were running around with sparklers in their hands and I totally didn't realize that "it'll post on Monday" meant "which is a national holiday and nobody will be reading blogs, not even you, so you'll have to remind folks about it on Tuesday when they're all back at work and grumbly."

Our President: he's patriotic, he's a parent, and he's way cool. 

So. Go read.


Saturday, July 2

Post-camp Tradition

The Boy, post-camp 2010

The Boy, post-camp 2011

I think he had a good time.


Friday, July 1

I blame the rice cooker


It is so rare that Jeremy and I get into an actual fight. I can’t even really think of three times in our six years of marriage that we have had a blow-out. That’s not to say we don’t occasionally drive each other nuts. We totally do.

So when last night turned a little ugly, it threw us both.

We have this rice cooker. It’s relatively new. Jeremy’s mom gave it to us, knowing our propensity for eating rice, like, three nights a week. I hadn’t used it before last night.
After a full day of battling a growing headcold and a wild toddler, I was in no mood to cook. (Ok, I’m never in the mood to cook. Whatever.) Jeremy has been sick for over a week, and had unloaded a trailer full of lumber into the back yard. (Coming soon: a big honkin’ playground, courtesy of my Momma!) Also, The Baby hasn’t been sleeping in ever weeks. Suffice it to say, we were both sick and tired.

Eventually I filled up the rice cooker and set it.
And eventually it started spurting water everywhere.
And then it began.

This is the conversation we had:

He: “How much water did you put in this thing?”
Me: “Six cups. Three cups of rice. You said not to put in more than four cups of rice.”
He: “I said not to use more than four cups of water.
Me: “You got me. I put too much water in there on purpose, just to piss you off.”
He: “Of course you did. Why don’t you just go to bed. You’re not doing me any good.”
Me: “I don’t care that I’m not doing you any good!”
He: “Well, you’re not doing anything for the kids either. mumblemumble.”
Me: “That’s right. I’m not good at doing anything. At all. Ever. mumblemumble.”

And that was pretty much it. Then he fixed the girls dinner and I went about hanging up clothes in my closet. We didn’t speak for nearly an hour.

He: “Do you want me to fix you more rice?”
Me: “Nope.”

I went to the bathroom, locked the door, and took a long shower. He ate with the girls and started their bath.

For as much as we pride ourselves as a couple who can truly communicate with each other, occasionally- and expectedly- there are breakdowns.

Keeping in mind that I am only presuming to know what was in my sweet husband’s head at the time, here is the conversation we weren’t having.

He: “You screwed it up again. I’m kind of tired of you messing things up in the kitchen.”
Me: “I put in exactly what you told me when you explained it last time.”
He: “That’s not at all what I said.
Me: “I’m sorry. I might have misunderstood you. I didn’t mean to screw it up.”
He: “I know you didn’t. I’m tired and I feel like crap. So do you. Just go, I’ll take care of it.”
Me: “I hate feeling like I don’t ever do anything right! I feel like I’m failing as wife and mom sometimes.”
He: “I get really irritated after a long day at work and I come home to chaos. Plus, I really do feel like crap right now.”
Me: “I know. And I feel awful when the house is wrecked and you have to come home to it. But I am barely treading water here.”

And then we parted ways, both of us stewing in our hurt/anger.

He: “I’m sorry I yelled at you. Can we be ok now?”
Me: “I’m sorry too. I just need a few minutes to myself.”


We will be fine, we always are. We don’t throw things at each other, or hit each other or cut so deeply with our words that the wounds can’t be repaired. We pray for each other, we respect each other, we support each other.

It’s hard sometimes when the person you love most knows exactly how knock you down.


But then, it’s the same person who reaches out to pick you back up.